Murky Depths

A quick plug now for Murky Depths, a quarterly anthology of top quality speculative fiction, including comics, with sprinklings of horror and fantasy that push the boundaries of science fiction. The first issue was released a couple of months ago but the editor has just shoved its existence under our nose, so we’re obligingly giving it a plug on Hallowe’en (review will come later).

Each story in the magazine is complimented with its own unique artwork and the title also features articles that cut across the genres and mixed disciplines add authority, humour and maybe a little controversy.

The first issue features several short stories including State Your Name, a short story by the brilliant Jon Courtenay Grimwood (illustrated by Denis Pacher), and four comic strips:
Death and the Maiden, Part I by Richard Calder, The Other Woman by Chris Lynch (art Dark Smith), Empathy by Luke Cooper and I Bleed Light by Ed Norden. There’s also an interview with Monkeys With Machineguns publisher Chris Lynch.

If you are thinking of sending Murky Depths a submission, read their Submission Guidelines first since, if these are not followed they may reject your story unread. Not only does Murky Depths publish established authors but also encourages and welcomes new writers.

• A single issue of Murky Depths costs £6.99 and you can buy it from their web site.

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