Music zine “Beyond The Bleak” adds time travel comic strip

Move over, Adam Eterno, Doctor Who, Garth and “Kelly’s Eye” – Hubert John is the new time travel comic strip character in town… and he’s in a bad mood.

Since 2017, Ant Jones, one of the team maintaining the Garth Facebook Page and a comic strip writer to boot, has run Lavender Sweep,Records, his own DIY record label, mainly releasing music on obscure formats such as microcassette, DAT, Zip 750MB. They’ve even released a one inch record!

Since the start of 2020, the team have also been producing out a limited edition print A5 zine, Beyond The Bleak, which features articles on the paranormal, music reviews, art, photography and all that is weird and wonderful.

Issue Three, available now to celebrate Cassette Week, includes a free cassette compilation with the zine – and sees the launch of a new comic strip, “Back In Time”, about a grumpy time traveller called Hubert John, who is lost in time.

Written by Ant and Lloyd Evans, with art by Paul Moore, coloured by Ant, we will start to learn why he’s in such a grumpy bad mood as the story progresses.

The strip will usually run for two pages, but to get things started the team have started Episode One with five. The story starts with an entertaining bang (literally), and Paul’s art has a nice nod to strips such as “Jeff Hawke” about it – and definitely has me wanting to know more about this fractious time traveller.

You can buy Beyond the Bleak #3 here from Lavender Sweep Records

• Artist Paul Moore is on Instagram – paulmoore121/ – and Tumblr –

Check out Lavender Sweep Records here on Bandcamp

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