National Writing Day helps to spotlight why young people write

National Writing Day helps to spotlight why young people write

Today is National Writing Day, an annual celebration of the power of writing creatively, inspiring people of all ages and abilities to try writing for fun and self-expression.

Everyone has a unique voice, a story to tell, and a right to be heard. Now in its sixth year, National Writing Day is an annual day dedicated to celebrating and practising creative writing for pleasure and self-expression. 

So, grab your pens, pencils and laptops and make your voices heard, as you join First Story in the annual celebration of the pleasure and power of creative writing – – whether you’re a young writer, a teacher, a parent, or anyone in between, National Writing Day is for you. 

First Story, England’s leading creative writing charity for young people, exists because access to quality cultural education is not distributed equally across the country or in education settings. We work together with teachers, professional writers and others, providing opportunities for under-served young people to participate in enriching creative writing activities.

Over at the National Literacy Trust, this year they’re using National Writing Day to celebrate the reasons why young people write, as outlined in their latest research into children and young people’s writing in 2022 which has found that two in five (40.3%) children and young people aged 5 to 18 said that they enjoy writing in their free time.

One in two children and young people say that they write to be creative (49.9%), while two in five write to express their ideas and imagination (45.3%) or their thoughts and feelings (41.4%).

Writing continues to support children and young people’s mental wellbeing, with one in three (32.8%) children and young people saying that writing helps them relax.

National Writing Day is online at

• Explore all the National Literacy Trust’s research in to writing

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