Never mind your regular football, cough up and enjoy Gary Whitlock’s barmy “Mutant United”, courtesy of Aces Weekly!

Calling all fans of Match Of The Day! There’s only one game worth watching now and that’s the one between Mutant United and Chrome Town! But you won’t get it on regular TV – this story is Pay-Per-View, only, part of the latest volume of digital comics anthology Aces Weekly (Volume 55) running now.

Mutant United © 2022 Gary Whitlock

“Our fab content provider is great Ace, Gary Whitlock!” publisher David Lloyd enthuses. “Nuff said, of course! If you’re smart, you’ll switch that satellite dish in our direction!

“If not… well… you can just kick your ball around in that scrubby patch of grass you’re happy with…”

In addition to “Mutant United”, Aces Weekly Volume 55 also features the finale of the truly extraordinary “Golgotha”, from Alberto Rodríguez and Giovanni Castro Nigio, which blends art from the school of Hergé, with an amazing SF tale about rescuing Jesus from the Cross.

Golgotha © 2022 Alberto Rodriguez and Giovanni Castro

“Marvel doesn’t do that kind of thing, of course, and, if you care about what comics are and can do, you should give it a chance to impress you,” says David.

Also, the unusual dragon-fighter strip, “I Kill Dragons”, from Deivid and Feli White, continues, blending the stuff of soap opera in a contemporary setting with a tale of family honour and tradition.

I Kill Dragons © 2022 @Deivid and Feli White

Plus, Carlos Pascoa gives us the next chapter of “Space Junk”, in which life for all the astronauts shipwrecked on a hostile planet depends on them scavenging from the many other spacecraft that come to their end upon its unforgiving surface.

Space Junk © 2022 Carlos Pascoa

Meanwhile, Jok and Santullo continue their story of early Britannia in “Merlin and Hector”, with some details about what Stonehenge is really all about…

Merlin and Hector © 2022 Jok and Santullo

Last, but by no means least, Martin Feekins and Jim Lavery take us into a mad maze of possibilities in a future where time itself is diced and sliced to suit a share-price, in “Im/Purity 2”.

IM/PURITY © 2021 Martin Feekins, Jim Lavery and Owen Watts from Im/Purity

“If that all seems very unusual and different to what most comics do, it’s not an accident – it’s what we always try to do. If you don’t want different and just want routine, well, it’s your choice to settle for that stuff if you want to…” David acknowledges, “But, if you’d like more and want to try us out, we’re still just … £1 per week, in any currency!”

Yes, for a measly £1 a week, you’ll get up to 150 pages per volume of Aces Weekly, including Extras, that come directly to your screens every Monday in seven parts for seven weeks, on a continuous basis, come rain or shine. Every Volume, one after the other, until your mind is completely blown. Then, who knows what might happen?

Aces Weekly Volume 55 is available by subscription at

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