New British Graphic Novels On Sale 2015-01 January

This list features graphic novels and collections to be released in January 2015 by British publishers that we know of. It does not include reprints of US material, unless those collections are the work of British creators. Information from publishers and fans is always welcome to keep this page (and others like it) up to date.

Please note that while these dates are those announced by the publisher or which have been sourced from booksellers and other sources, publication dates may change. In some cases, the covers featured may be provisional.


Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 09


Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 09
Written by Alan Grant, John Wagner


Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles - Cover


Slaine Brutania Chronicles 1
By Pat Mills

Ancient Albion. Celtic barbarian warrior Slaine united the tribes of the Earth Goddess and became the first High King of Ireland. After ruling for seven years, he fought for the Goddess in other eras before returning to save his people from the Fomorian sea devils. Now, he’s crossed over onto the isle of Monadh in an attempt to rescue Sinead from the evil clutches of the Drune Lords…This brand-new chapter in the life of Slaine is the perfect jumping on point for new readers as writer Pat Mills (Marshal Law) transports the Celtic warrior to the ancient world of Albion. This book also introduces the fully-painted art style of Simon Davis (Ampney Crucis) to the strip for the first time.

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Strontium Dog: Dogs of War: Life and Death of Johnny Alpha 2

Strontium Dog: Dogs of War: Life and Death of Johnny Alpha 2
By John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Late 22nd century. After the Atomic Wars, many survivors were warped by the Strontium 90 fallout. These ‘mutants’ became a victimised underclass, and the only job open to them was bounty hunting. One such Search/Destroy agent, or STRONTIUM DOG, is Johnny Alpha, who was thought killed. But he has been resurrected and is now leading mutantkind in a revolution against the Norms…Written by Strontium Dog co-creator John Wagner (A History of Violence) with art by his co-creator Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd) Johnny Alpha’s explosive return from beyond concludes in this action-packed finale.



Barbarella & the Wrath of the Minute-Eater

Barbarella & the Wrath of the Minute-Eater
Story and Art by Jean-Claude Forest
Adaptation by Kelly Sue DeConnick

When Barbarella’s spaceship breaks down, she finds herself trapped on the planet, Lythion. There, she has a series of adventurous, and erotic, encounters with a variety of strange beings, from robots to angels. In Wrath of the Minute-Eater (previously unpublished in English) Barbarella’s travelling Circus Delirium enters another dimension, led by the mysterious and alluring aquaman, Narval, whose machinations catapult Barbarella & Co. into a complex battle for the planet, Spectra.

The Celestial Bibendum


The Celestial Bibendum
Story and Art by Nicolas de Crécy.

The Devil is everywhere in New York-upon-Seine. But the arrival of the crutch-wielding Diego the Seal in this sinister and soulless port may just change that. There, Diego is courted by the upper echelons of the city, who want to groom him for the Nobel Prize of Love.

He becomes a darling of the intelligentsia, but soon attracts the attention of mysterious higher powers (including the President and Satan) who embark on his destruction.

Eisner-nominated creator Nicolas De Crécy (Foligatto, NBM’s Salvatore) has created a mysterious concoction where anthropomorphic animals interact with humans, mixing fantasy and rich absurdist humor, all presented in a beautiful tumult of painted colours.

Lou Cale: Snapping the Big Apple's Bad Seeds


Lou Cale: Snapping the Big Apple’s Bad Seed
Story and Art by Warn’s and Raives.

1940s’ New York. Flashes go off around the city as bodies pile up and local papers battle to feed the public’s demand for sensationalism. The “one and only” Lou Cale is one of these notorious shutterbugs, but Lou also keeps his ear to the ground, often picking up on crime scene details that go unseen by the authorities, which lead him into his own dogged investigations. From mysterious suicides, scalped corpses and stolen Oriental treasures, to racist hangings and mob assassinations, tough nut Lou fights his way through a bevy of beauties and a whole bunch of crooks, to get to the truth.

This pulpy crime saga takes us from the Big Apple’s roughest haunts, with dames to die for, to the plains of rural Arkansas, complete with a Billie Holiday soundtrack, and all the while bathed in dark shades of noir.



Wrinkles - CoverWrinkles
by Paco Roca

Admitted to a home for the elderly because he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, for Ernest community life feels like an ordeal. But soon he accepts his new environment and decides to fight to escape from giving in to his awful destiny. For the author, the human community is like a library where books are piled up in mountains populated by yellowing paper of dreams and fantasies.

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 Titan Comics

Alien Legion: Uncivil War Volume 3


Dragons Volume 3: The Ice Castle


DreamWorks’ Dragons Volume 3: The Ice Castle
Written by Simon Furman Art by Iwan Nazif

Astrid’s dragon, Stormfly, goes missing, and the whole of Berk tries to track her down! But what dangers will they ultimately fact at…the Ice Castle? Plus, in a special short story, Snoutlout babysits some infant Monstrous Nightmares!

The First Kingdom Volume 6

The First Kingdom Volume 6
By Jack Katz
Out: Now

While The First Kingdom originally ran for 24 issues, published by Comics and Comix (those stories already collected by Titan), Destiny is being published exclusively for the first time by Titan Comics. So hold onto your hats. It’s time to discover the true origin of The First Kingdom in this incredible concluding chapter, decades in the making…

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The Rage Hard Cover Volume 2 Kill Or Cure

The Rage: Kill or Cure Volume 2
By Pierre Boisserie & Malo Kerfriden
Out: Now

A disturbing and controversial new take on the zombie genre! A new virus, one that only affects children, spreads through the world, turning the next generation into rabid killers. Now humanity must kill its children or face extinction… A complex story of humanity on the brink.

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