New British Graphic Novels On Sale 2015-06 June

This list features graphic novels and collections to be released in June 2015 by British publishers that we know of. It does not include reprints of US material, unless those collections are the work of British creators. Information from publishers and fans is always welcome to keep this page (and others like it) up to date.

Please note that while these dates are those announced by the publisher or which have been sourced from booksellers and other sources, publication dates may change. In some cases, the covers featured may be provisional.


Devlin Waugh: Red Tide

Devlin Waugh: Red Tide
by John Smith and Sean Philips
Out: 18th June 2015

Vampirism can be a bally intolerable nuisance to one’s social life – ask Devlin Waugh. Having been transformed into a blood-sucking fi end when on a mission for the Vatican, the one-time Corinthian is now a shadow of his old, jovial self. But now a terrifying evil from Devlin’s past has returned with an unquenchable thirst for mayhem. Will the former connoisseur of au courant be equipped to defeat this menace? Or is the world destined to suffer in the putrescent grip of this supernatural, degenerate force? This transcendent tome is brought to you by the considerable talents of John smith (Indigo Prime) Colin McNeil (Judge Dredd) John Burns (Nikolai Dante), Sean Phillips (Fatale), Peter Doherty (The Dreaming) and Jock (Batman, Judge Dredd).

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 10

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 10

Judge Dredd takes to the mean streets of the Big Meg once more to tackle the city’s most dangerous offenders, including the deadly martial artist Stan Lee! The tenth book in this bestselling series collects together some of the very best in Thrill-power, including such stories as ‘The Art of Kenny Who?’, ‘The Fists of Stan Lee’, ‘Atlantis’ and ‘The Taxidermist.’ Featuring the writing of Judge Dredd dynamic duo Alan Grant (Batman) and John Wagner (A History of Violence) and the work of such classic artists as Steve Dillon (Preacher), Cam Kennedy (Star Wars) and Kevin O’Neill (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), this is the perfect collection for all discerning comic fans!

The VCs: Hell in the Heavens - Cover

The V.C.’s: Hell in the Heavens
by Gerry Finley-Day
Out: 18th June 2015

By 2531, humanity had colonised the solar system. Warfare and barbarity had all but been forgotten. Then the ‘Geeks’ arrived – a deadly alien species with only one thing on their dark, unfathomable minds…the extinction of the human race! And so, humankind was forced to battle once more, this time amongst the stars, in space patrol ships crewed by the V.C.’S (aka Vacuum Cleaners). New recruit Steve Smith is ready for action, but first he must face a fight closer to home, and gain the acceptance of his combat-hardened crew mates.

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Cedric Volume 5: Grandpa Dives In

Cedric Volume 5 : Grandpa Dives In
by Raoul Cauvin and Laudec
Out: 4th June 2015

Cedric’s school is electing class representatives for the first time. A prospect that appeals to Cedric, but also to several other children – including Chen, the little girl he’s got a crush on. For this reason poor Cedric finds it difficult to reconcile his feelings with his desire to win, especially since Chen is a strong-willed young lady who, story after story, shows a definite lack of interest in him! Fortunately there’s Cedric’s Grandpa, with his wise advice and his own blunders to learn from!

Lucky Luke Vol 53 : Nitroglycerin

Lucky Luke Volume 53 : Nitroglycerin
by Lo Hartog Van Banda
Out: 4th June 2015

Two companies are competing to build the intercontinental railway. When one sends saboteurs to intercept the powder needed to pierce tunnels through the mountains, the other calls upon Lucky Luke to protect a last chance convoy. The problem is, it’s not powder that gets loaded onto the train this time, it’s nitroglycerin! And as if that wasn’t enough, the saboteurs are still around, and the Daltons are convinced the train is full of gold!

Wisher Volume 4: Bowler Hat and Fairycane

Wisher Volume 4: Bowler Hat and Fairycane
by Sebastien Latour and Giulio de Vita
Out: 4th June 2015

Merlin is dying, cut down by Glee the Goblin’s bullets. And Nigel’s control over his powers is still insufficient to save him with a wish. One solution left: a vial of dragon blood, the only artefact that can revive the enchanter. The problem is that the vial is at MI-10 headquarters, part of its commander George Cross’s private collection. It’s time for the last of the Genies to go on the offensive.


Golemchik by William Exley

Golemchik (Nobrow 17×23)
by William Exley
Out: 1st Hune 2015

Abandoned by his friends, one young boy goes searching for fun — and finds a golem on the hunt for the same. But as the two go about living out their dreams of having the best summer ever, the boy realizes that golem’s don’t know how to take it easy. To save his town, he’ll have to get his new friend under control!

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The Spectators - Cover

The Spectators
By Victor Hussenot
Out: 9th June 2015

What if we are merely shadows, our characters defined by a simple inflection of light? The realm of possibilities opens up, because in our world we are nothing but spectators.

The Spectators unfolds as a poetical and philosophical introspection on the nature of man. Hussenot’s palette is awash with subtle colour, gently carrying the narrative and allowing the reader to envelop themselves in the lyricism of the work. Reminiscent of French New wave Cinema with its clipped dialogue, gentle pacing and departure from a classic narrative structure, The Spectators is an exciting new graphic novel…

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Doctor Who: The Good Soldier - Cover

Doctor Who: The Good Soldier
Writers: Dan Abnett, Paul Cornell, John Freeman and Andrew Cartmel
Artists: Arthur Ranson, Mike Collins, Cam Smith, Lee Sullivan, Richard Whitaker
Out: 30th June 2015

Introducing a brand-new collection of classic comic strips collecting the adventures of the Seventh Doctor and Ace, from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. This volume collects comic strips featuring the much-loved Seventh Doctor as played on TV by Sylvester McCoy, alongside his companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) – plus guest appearances from the Brigadier! Includes a wealth of exclusive, brand-new material revealing how the strips were created, featuring contributions and commentary from the writers and artists.

 Titan Comics


by Rachel Deering and Christopher Mooneyham
Out: 9th June 2015

How far will one woman go for the salvation of her beloved? Mercy Barlowe’s love for Sarah brings down Hell when her puritanical father discovers them together – and has his own daughter burnt at the stake. But death is not the end. A monstrous cult of shapeshifters steal Sarah’s soul as part of its twisted plans to resurrect an ancient evil. To defeat them, Mercy must take on a new form..She must become a werewolf!

The Cat with a Really Big Head

The Cat with a Really Big Head
by Roman Dirge
Out: 30th June 2015

This is the tragic story of a cat called Cat and his stupidly enormous over-sized head as he struggles with day-to-day problems like coping with hairballs, trying to eat Chunky Beef Chunk With Beef catfood or dealing with the neighbourhood mouse, Mr. Stinky and his army of annoying mice. Life hasn’t dealt Cat a good hand, but still there’s always the prospect of reincarnation and a better life isn’t there..?

Minions Cover

Minions Volume 1 – Banana
Out: 16th June 2015

Prepare for Minion Madness. From the creators of Despicable Me comes a brand new movie adventure in yellow… Minions. This fresh new comic featuring the stars of the upcoming movie brings together a collection of hilarious comic stories featuring everyone s favourite yellow, banana-loving henchmen. They re the most loveable evil henchmen ever created… Stuart, Kevin, Bob and the rest of the Minions return for laughs and gags in this all-new hilarious comic collection. From bananas to basketball, laugh along as the Minions unleash their unique brand of mayhem on the world once again.

Light and Darkness War - Titan Cover

The Light & Darkness War
By Tom Veitch & Cam Kennedy
Out: 23rd June 2015

Lazarus Jones is a Vietnam War veteran who lost his legs in that war. Suffering both physically and mentally from his time at war and since, he is spiralling down and down into depression, wishing he had died.

After a visit to the Washington Vietnam War Memorial to check the names of his lost comrades he is involved in a car accident. Falling into a coma, he finds himself transported to the System of Abraxas in far off space to fight Lord Na, meeting his old comrades in the battle between Light and Darkness…

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White Trash - Cover (Titan)

White Trash
by Gordon Rennie & Martin Emond
Out: 16th June 2015

A CRAZY JOURNEY ACROSS THE USA IN ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE AND GROUNDBREAKING COMICS EVER! The greatest buddy road comic EVER! Join slacker surfer dude Dean and The King, legendary gold-laméd rock’n’roller, as they take their pink Cadillac into the soft, white supremacist, Evangelical brimstone underbelly of the good ol’ US of A!

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