New Comics Launch at ICE, including “To The Death”, “The Chimeran” from Simon Furman, Geoff Senior – and Gary Kurtz!

To The Death by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior

The brilliant ICE (the International Expo Convention) takes place in Birmingham this weekend (10th – 11th September), at “The Studio” on Canon Street, and there are a number of new comic launches taking place at the event. These include Simon Furman and Geoff Senior‘s To The Death, an epic sci-fi comic book saga and The Chimeran, a new comic and TV series from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back producer Gary Kurtz whoalong with fellow creators Richard Bazley (Iron Giant, Harry Potter) and Paul Goodenough (How to Train Your Dragon).

The event – which runs side by side with Comics Uncovered on Sunday, an event for aspiring creaors – has an incredible guest list that includes Guy Adams, Charlie Adlard, Jordie Bellaire, Jamie Delano, Andy Diggle, Hunt Emerson, Gary Erskine, Ian Edginton, Paul Goodenough, Staz Johnson, Gary Kurtz, Sean Phillips, Carl Potts, Declan Shalvey, John Wagner and many, many more.

To The Death Phase 01

To The Death Phase 01 - 2

To The Death Phase 01 - 36

To The Death
is an epic sci-fi comic book saga from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, available to view digitally in widescreen format. Set on Earth in 2674, off-world combat legend and absent father Aleksy Dryagin is returning home to a hero’s welcome … and a death sentence. Caught between The Triumvirate, a trio of omnipotent Corporate Heads who want Dryagin publically and permanently axed, and the subversive White Noise, who want a symbol, Dryagin is forced into one last, no-win campaign to save the lives of billions of oblivious civilians.

With nothing left to lose, Dryagin is prepared to fight. .. To The Death!

To The Death Phase 01 - 47

To The Death Phase 01 - 48

Showcasing the amazingly kinetic art of Geoff Senior and the hard-hitting storytelling of Simon Furman as never before, To The Death will be released over 18 action-packed downloadable webisodes and a limited edition Original Graphic Novel. Launching at ICE, with the first webisode free-to-view on the To The Death website:

The series proper will launch after a Kickstarter campaign that will offer the To The Death print graphic novel, featuring an all-new story not offered digitally, and only available via Kickstarter.

” To say it’s full bore and action-packed is something of an understatement,” Simon tells us. “It’s mix of future war, corporate greed on a massive scale, and the more personal story of one man against the system — in a kind of lone samurai way. A battle he can’t possibly win, but can’t back away from either.”

The Chimeran - Teaser Poster

Simon Furman is also involved in The Chimeran – and he and co-writer Ben Oliver and Simon Furman will both be at hand to let fans know all about the exciting new property in an ICE exclusive reveal and Q&A panel.

While the exact nature of this TV and comic project is for now a closely guarded secret, I’ve been very lucky to see some amazing pages from it – and you really don’t want to miss the opportunity to find out more. With a team that includes Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back producer Gary Kurtz, Richard Bazley and Paul Goodenough, this is one to watch.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome all of these amazing creators to the Expo,” enthuses ICE organiser Shane Chebsey.

“Gary Kurtz was not only the man involved in Star Wars but also producer on cult classic The Dark Crystal, which I love, so I’m very excited to see what he has come up with such an array of incredibly talented artists and writers.”

The Chimeran fits perfectly with the recent evolution of comics and TV,” teases co-creator Paul Goodenough, a creator who has a number of other comic and other projects in the works. “It’s carved from the same cloth as Deadwood, Planet of the Apes and Game of Thrones: bad things happen and people suffer, but in that suffering and fear, we examine what makes people ‘human’ and how far humankind will go to save themselves.”

“It’s really very exciting to be involved in such a dramatically interesting and unusual story,” adds Gary Kurtz.

Altogether, there are at least 14 exclusive events happening on the Saturday at ICE 2015, with another 14 events aimed at aspiring artists and writers on the Sunday – plus signings and a charity auction.

• To book tickets for the International Comic Expo visit their website at: A full day early bird pass from 10am to 5.30pm costs £12 with discounts for students and free entry for children. VIP Tickets including an after show party and entry to the Sunday events are also available

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