Numbercruncher ends with a bang!

Numbercruncher Issue 4

The shock conclusion of the critically acclaimed temporal afterlife adventure Numbercruncher by Si Spurrier and
PJ Holden is fast approaching with Issue 4 on sale in all good comic shops from Wednesday 23rd October.

An epic battle of wits, wills and divine accountancy has twisted across decades and multiple lifetimes, and now the clash between Bastard Zane and the reincarnating Mathematician is coming to a head.

Who gets what they want? Who loses everything forever? And, when all the cunning plans and clever tricks have been resolved… is there still one last card to play?

Don’t miss the epic finish to the Titan Comics miniseries next week!

• Numbercruncher #4 • Writer: Si Spurrier • Artist: PJ Holden • Colourist: Jordie Bellaire • Letters: Simon Bowland
On sale from 23rd October 2013

Numbercruncher Issue 4 Page 1 Numbercruncher Issue 4 Page 2 Numbercruncher Issue 4 Page 3 Numbercruncher Issue 4 Page 4

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