October release for MediEvil game remake, tie-in comic revealed

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Tying in with the release of Sony Playstation’s upcoming remake of MediEvil, comic artist and writer Jay Gunn has officially revealed that he’s been secretly working on a MediEvil comic.

Jay should need no introduction to longtime downthetubes readers as the writer/ artist nom de plume of Jason Wilson, writer of the brilliant creator-owned eco-thriller Surface Tension published by Titan Comics back in 2015. He started his career working at the National Coal Board where he was tasked with drawing safety comics to teach children the hazards of playing on industrial sites. The comics were rather gory!

Jay joined the burgeoning home grown video game development scene in the late 1980s where he spent over 25 years making everything from arcade conversions to original Bafta award winning games for Sony.

Jay is probably best known for his work on the MediEvil series of games and now he’s returning to that project, in comics.

PlayStation 4 MediEvil Remake Official ScreenshotPlayStation 4 MediEvil Remake Official ScreenshotPlayStation 4 MediEvil Remake Official ScreenshotPlayStation 4 MediEvil Remake Official Screenshot

PlayStation 4 MediEvil Remake Official Screenshot

PlayStation 4 MediEvil Remake Official ScreenshotS

Sony announced its remake of the game first released in 1999 earlier this week during its latest State of Play Live Stream (official recap here), the classic hack-and-slash adventure title that debuted on the original PlayStation console. Set to launch 25th October, Canadian studio Other Ocean Interactive is developing the title, the latest remake featuring improved visuals and gameplay, while maintaining the folksy charm and humour of the original.

(A previous remake of the game, MediEvil: Resurrection, was released on Sony’s PlayStation Portable console in 2005).

“Along with fellow MediEvil co-creator Chris Sorrell, we set out to tell our version of the events of Gallowmere’s history from a unique and original perspective with more than a few surprising twists and turns along the way,” says Jay. “You will revisit some old friends, alive and dead, as well as see the return of some familiar monsters as you’ve never seen them before!

“We’ve gone to gone to great lengths to create a fully illustrated and animated story that extends beyond regular comic page panels to create something very unique that features both music and audio.

“We’ve poured a lot of the original MediEvil spirit (dark nocturnal magic) into crafting a wonderful story for old fans and new. We look forward to having you join us on this brand new adventure into the ghoulish undying world of MediEvil!

“It was a refreshing change of gear to return to an old familiar stomping ground,” he says.

Sony PlayStation 4 MediEvil Remake CoverMore details and preview art to come. Stay tuned!

• Find Jay Gunn on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @gunncomics

Read our 2015 interview with Jay about Surface Tension and his approach to writing comics| Buy Surface Tension from Amazon (using this link helps support downthetubes, thank you)

Sony State of Play 2019 featured a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer, a closer look at Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, as well as announcing the release date for the MediEvil PS4 remake, and more

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