Out Now: Pierce Brown’s Red Rising – Son of Ares #5

Red Rising - Son of Ares #5 - Cover A by Toby Cypress

Red Rising – Son of Ares #5 – Cover A by Toby Cypress

Pierce Brown’s Red Rising continues with Sons of Ares, written by Rik Hoskin.

in #5, the penultimate issue of the series on sale now from US publisher Dynamite, featuring a lead cover by Toby Cypress and interiors by Eli Powell, Fitchner’s quest to rescue Bryn and Sevro comes close to its dramatic ending, as he is forced to go up against the one person he used to consider a friend in the ultimate game of life and death.

Red Rising is a 2014 science fiction novel by American author Pierce Brown, and the first book and eponym of a trilogy. The novel, set on a future planet Mars, follows lowborn miner Darrow as he infiltrates the ranks of the elite Golds.

In February 2014, Universal Pictures secured the rights for a film adaptation, to be directed by Marc Forster.

Rik Hoskin is a novelist and comic book writer. He’s written comics for Star Wars, Superman, Shrek and numerous others, and animated stories for BBC Television. His recent work includes the New York Times bestselling graphic novel White Sand, the second volume of which is out in November from Dynamite, and Rebel from Joe Books.

He has two original novels based on the Hercules The Legendary Journeys TV series due for publication this year from HarperCollins.

• Rik gives a “Director’s Commentary” to the issue here on Bleeding Cool

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Red Rising - Son of Ares #5 - Cover B by Eli Powell

Red Rising – Son of Ares #5 – Cover B by Eli Powell

Red Rising - Son of Ares #5 - Page 1

Red Rising - Son of Ares #5 - Page 2

Red Rising - Son of Ares #5 - Page 3

Red Rising - Son of Ares #5 - Page 4

Red Rising - Son of Ares #5 - Page 5

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