Out Today: The Lost Fleet: Corsair #3​, featuring “Black Jack” Geary in comics for the first time

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover A - Alex Ronald

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover A – Alex Ronald

The latest issue of The Lost Fleet – Corsair (#3), which I’m editing for Titan Comics is out today, a series based on the best-selling Lost Fleet military SF series by John Hemry (writing as Jack Campbell). It’s been a privilege to work on this series with the creative team and the hard-working editorial staff at the London-based publisher. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

Writer: Jack Campbell
Artists: Andre Siregar, Bambang Irawan
Colourist: Sebastian Cheng
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Titan Comics 

Guest starring John “Black Jack” Geary, appearing in comics for the first time!

Captain Michael Geary faces rebellion from Alliance Marines – just as his newly-captured ship, the Corsair,  is about to be attacked by a deadly Syndic force. Can he convince his men to keep the peace with the rebel Tigres… and fight a one-sided battle that could see them all obliterated? Meanwhile, on the planet Kane another rebel force faces off against a massive Syndic invasion force, out to retake the planet…

The Lost Fleet: Corsair #3 is available from all good comic shops from today, Wednesday 9th August 2017

• If anyone has missed earlier issues of Lost Fleet – Corsair then a collection will be released after the series has completed, but you can also pick up the individual issues digitally through ComiXology: US link | UK link –  or buy it for Kindle here

• Comic shops such as Forbidden Planet in the UK may have physical back issues, as will US dealers. And of course, you can also try eBay

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover B - David Demaret

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover B – David Demaret

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover B - David Demaret Full Cover

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover B – David Demaret Full Cover

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover C - Gary Erskine

The Lost Fleet #3 Cover C – Gary Erskine

The Lost Fleet #3 Credits

The Lost Fleet #3 Credits 2

The Lost Fleet #3 Page 1

The Lost Fleet #3 Page 2

The Lost Fleet #3 Page 3

The Lost Fleet #3 Page 4

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