Paul Magrs to chart Doctor Who – ‘The Annual Years’

Doctor Who by Adam Bullock

Obverse Books are to publish a guide to the madcap publishing eccentricity the Doctor Who annual – The Annual Years.

With cover art and internal illustrations by Adam Bullock, and commentary on every single story from Paul Magrs, author of Doctor Who fiction for Big Finish, the BBC and AudioGo, this is the celebration that the annuals have long been overdue.

Doctor Who Annual 1966

Down the years, the Doctor Who annual has offered an occasionally unique take on the world of Doctor Who, and the 1970s annuals are, perhaps, some of the craziest of them all, featuring distinctive pop art styled art that gave them a unique and memorable feel.

The Annual Years continues the publisher’s recent tradition of Doctor Who-related titles, “so long as they’re the sort of thing we at in the Obverse Bungalow would like to read,” say the publishers.

Doctor Who Annual 1977

The book will offer a serious and detailed look at that most maligned form of Doctor Who storytelling, the World Distributors annuals.

From 1965 to 1986, from William Hartnell to Colin Baker, the annuals were weird and witty and wonderful, a big brother to TV Comic and second cousin to Doctor Who Discovers… – and all the more beloved by us because of that.

“”These extraordinary books are like weird, grotesque shadow-versions of the Show we recognise,” enthuses Paul Magrs. “They are mutations haunting the wilderness between the domed, protected cities of Canonicity. The world of the Annuals is odder, darker, madder, more psychedelic and surreal. These are adventures in a wilder, destabilized universe. The cosiness of what we recognise as Doctor Who has gone.”

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