Phil-Comics trails rare “Wham-O Giant” US tabloid comic in next month’s eBay auction

A copy of the rare giant-sized US comic Wham-O Giant Comics #1, produced by a toy company in the 1960s will go under the hammer at Phil-Comics on eBay next month – and with a line-up that includes artist Wally Wood, will surely attract much collector attention.

Wham-O Giant Comics #1

Proclaimed “The World’s Largest Comic”, measuring 21 x 14 inches, it’s actually just an inch shorter than Fleetway’s Big One from the mid 1960s. Wham-O Giant Comics huge size, its format also reminding me of DC Thomson tabloid British comics like Beezer and Topper, was, presumably, inspired by US newspaper Sunday comic supplements.

Published in April 1967 priced just 98 cents, its huge physical format is echoed in the roll call of creators contributing a diverse line of action, adventure and humour strips. Look out for strips by Wally Wood, Steffenagan, Ernie Colon, Lou Fine, Warren Tufts and many more, the title edited by Bill MacIntyre.

Wham-O Giant Comics #1Wham-O Giant Comics #1Wham-O Giant Comics #1

Wham-O Giant Comics #1 will appear on eBay via Phil-Comics in mid June and is graded as GD/VG. Expect bidding to be frenetic, particularly from the US where copies of this title are “as rare as hen’s teeth”.

“We’ll do our usual 99p start with no reserve and see what the market decides for its value,” says Phil Shrimpton. “It belonged to the late comic artist Jim Baikie, whose collection we’ve been selling on behalf of his family in the last year or so. He collected a really diverse range of comics, many of which we’ve not come across before.”

Offering a mixed bag of incredible strips with a stunning wraparound cover – there’s a great overview here on the Major Spoilers web site.

Jim Baikie, quite apart from his artistic legacy, deserves recognition for his eclectic taste in US and British independents many of us might be unfamiliar with, had his collection not now begun to be sold.

• If you’re a comics collector, particularly of British comics and art, and haven’t yet saved Phil-Comics as a Seller to watch on eBay, you should do it now

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