Polar Gear adds Spider-Man-inspired lunch bags to range

Polar Gear Spider-Man Lunch Bag. Image: Polar Gear

Polar Gear Spider-Man Lunch Bag. Image: Polar Gear

Is your younger sibling ready for a Spider-Man: Far Frome Home or Avengers-inspired summer road trip? Polar Gear‘s Avengers Spider-Man lunch bag and bottle might be just the thing to brighten that car journey to the coast. You know, without them blasting the caravan in front of you with their super powers, or something.

Handy for keeping all the family hydrated and nourished on the go, Polar Gear’s reusable water bottles are lightweight, durable, BPA free and shatterproof. Find the perfect everyday travel cup, lunch box or lunch bag with ice pack to keep your water cold, coffee hot and everyone energised with snacks to hand.

Aiming to encourage children to drink water and eat healthily with bright bottle and cool bag designs, colours, designs and styles coordinate for matching sets.

Polar Gear have other ranges too, including Disney Princes, Toy Story, Jurassic World and more.

Check out the full range at www.polargear.com | Available from Amazon (Affiliate Link)

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