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In the run up to Christmas there is always a need for a little extra inspiration when it comes to deciding which presents to buy (or put on your Christmas list). There is merchandise out there to do with British comics if you look hard enough. Today: Commando.

The DC Thomson on-line shop has a selection of Commando items not available elsewhere including metal signs featuring Commando cover artwork. The initial two of these were straight covers complete with logo but two new signs have recently been added. These are designed to look like old Commando advertising signs and feature the cover art of Ken Barr for Gun Fury issue 24 and Ian Kennedy for Slogger’s War issue 2852.

From something designed to look old fashioned to something right up to date and the latest Commando tie-ins are i-Phone covers. Currently there are three available all featuring Ian Kennedy cover artwork along with the Commando logo. These feature images of a ‘desert pink’ SAS land rover from Vampire Hunt issue 2552, a paratrooper from Strike In Silence issue 2854, and a Soviet Hind attack helicopter from Combat Zone issue 2606.

Carlton still has a large number of those doorstop size 10 and 12 story Commando reprint books in print plus a growing selection of the smaller three story paperbacks that are reminiscent of the IPC Picture Library Holiday Specials and these are readily available through shops and via mail order companies. However the DC Thomson on-line shop also sells these titles and their unique selling point is that the larger books are autographed by Commando editor Calum Laird. While reading these if you fancy a nice cup of tea there is now a Commando mug specifically for the task.

The full list of Commando items in the DC Thomson on-line shop is here.

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  1. There’s the Commando A1 posters as well, have my eye on some gorgeous Ian Kennedy art at poster size…


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