Review of Angus Library Exhibition

I am fortunate, as one of DTT’s roving reporters,  in being in Scotland. So I get to see a lot of the small exhibitions that D C Thomson’s put on to encourage sales or to remind people that DCT are part of our heritage. One such exhibition was put on at Arbroath Library. So I have to say a big thank you to Angus Libraries, and D C Thomson’s Commando team for producing a great wee exhibition that displays how good DCT are without going overboard. For those that wish to kick themselves, here are a sample of the delights that were there for you to enjoy.

DCT_Arbroath_036 DCT_Arbroath_035 DCT_Arbroath_034 DCT_Arbroath_033 DCT_Arbroath_032 DCT_Arbroath_031 DCT_Arbroath_030 DCT_Arbroath DCT_Arbroath_029 DCT_Arbroath_028 DCT_Arbroath_027 DCT_Arbroath_026 DCT_Arbroath_025 DCT_Arbroath_024 DCT_Arbroath_016 DCT_Arbroath_017  DCT_Arbroath_019 DCT_Arbroath_020 DCT_Arbroath_021 DCT_Arbroath_022 DCT_Arbroath_023 DCT_Arbroath_015 DCT_Arbroath_014 DCT_Arbroath_013 DCT_Arbroath_012 DCT_Arbroath_011 DCT_Arbroath_010 DCT_Arbroath_009 DCT_Arbroath_008 DCT_Arbroath_007 DCT_Arbroath_006 DCT_Arbroath_005  DCT_Arbroath_003 DCT_Arbroath_002 DCT_Arbroath_004DCT_Arbroath_001

A life-long comic fan, specialising mainly in UK adventure comics, Colin did his very best to support his passion for the comics of his youth, Commandos (still going!) and any small press that interested him. Sadly, Colin passed in March 2021, an invaluable downthetubes team member, much missed by us all

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  1. Odd that the comics and annuals are in a case yet the original art seems to be completely unprotected.

  2. Thanks for the photos, lovely to see the 2 Kennedy works as only the DC staff get to see it! was Starblazer exhibited ?

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