RewritingExtinction comics anthology, “The Most Important Comic Book on Earth”, on sale now

It’s finally here! The Most Important Comic Book on Earth, part of the much bigger #RewritingExtinction project aiming to do, well, exactly that, is out now in the UK and next Tuesday in the United States.

The Most Important Comic Book On Earth is a global collaboration for planetary change, bringing together a diverse team of 300 leading environmentalists, artists, authors, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and more to present over 120 stories to save the world.

Whether it’s inspirational tales from celebrity names such as Cara Delevingne and Andy Serkis, hilarious webcomics from War and Peas and Ricky Gervais, artworks by leading illustrators David Mack and Tula Lotay, calls to action from activists George Monbiot and Jane Goodall, or powerful stories by Brian Azzarello and Amy Chu, each of the comics in this anthology will support projects and organisations fighting to save the planet and Rewrite Extinction.

“It’s been over 23k emails, 2,000 hours of meetings, working with over 400 people in every time zone across the world but it’s finally here,” enthuses the book’s editor and driving force, the founder of Rewriting Extinction, Paul Goodenough, “the proudest moment of my life, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Paul Goodenough with a copy of the Rewriting Extinction comic anthology, The Most Important Comic Book in the World
Paul Goodenough with a copy of the Rewriting Extinction comic anthology, The Most Important Comic Book in the World

Earlier this month, Paul told me how he’d put aside all other projects, and his business interests, to make this project happen, determined it would help support ongoing fundraising for various environmental projects around the world – and, hopefully, change minds, and change all our futures, and our planet, for the better.

“There’s too many people to possibly thank,” says Paul of the multinational effort to deliver the book. “But please know that I love and adore you and couldn’t have done this without all your dedication, sacrifice and commitment.

“This book will change the world,” he insists. “It will. Every penny will make immediate and permanent impact. We’ve already secured hectares of land and protected it forever before we even launch… just imagine what we can do if we can get it into the book charts.”

Pedantic Stan returns for this important comic, by myself, John Freeman, and Lew Stringer

So, please, without further ado, do buy this book, which features plenty of fun strips alongside those with powerful messages. The fun stuff including the return of obsessive comics fan, Pedantic Stan, a character Lew Stringer and I created back in the 1980s who some of you might just remember. Lew literally killed him off, many years ago, but he’s back now, ironically just as the world faces a disaster far worse than a lack of comic backing boards, or the mystery of the missing half page from an issue of Marvel UK’s Warheads comic.

If you want to read a thought-provoking, occasionally silly comics anthology then please do buy this book, or share the news of its publication. Help us get the book the most amount of coverage and sales possible. 100% of the royalties goes to species saving projects.

Please help us make this massive. We need all of you.

Rewriting Extinction comic anthology, The Most Important Comic Book in the World - English edition

Buy The Most Important Comic Book on Earth through the links featured here

Find out more about the #RewritingExtinction project and the projects it’s supporting here

• In addition to the book, just announced is a partnership between Rewriting Extinction and WEBTOON – allowing us to reach millions of new people with our comics every single day

“It also gives us an incredible chance to share the amazing work we’re all doing to fight for the planet,” says Paul. “So from us and all of our charity partners… Cheers!”

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