Robert Culp 16 August 1930 – 24 March 2010

downthetubes was sad to learn of the death of Robert Culp, an actor with a number of cult TV and film credits to his name. Culp was perhaps best known for his role in I Spy, the American espionage series which ran from 1966-68. He made three appearances in the original version of The Outer Limits including the episode Demon with a Glass Hand by Harlan Ellison. He was also in Spectre, a made-for-television fantasy/horror film produced and co-written by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Culp was one of the most prolific guest stars in the hit TV detective series Columbo – he and The Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan both appeared in the series four times. Robert Culp died aged 79 after a fall outside his Los Angeles home.

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