ROK Comics Launches

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of ROK Comics on Mobile, a new publishing solution enabling comics creators and publishers to syndicate their works to mobile phone users worldwide – and I’ve been given the task of being its “Managing Editor”.

ROK Comics should open up huge worldwide commercial opportunities for all comic creators, artists, writers and publishers, and the service offers a revenue share deal to creators using the service, creators which on launch include Chris “Mauretania” Reynolds, David “Trek Life” Reddick, David Hailwood, Nick Miller, Graeme Neil Reid, indie publisher Broken Voice, with more to be announced in the next few days and weeks. We’ll also we’ll be publishing/adapting including several comics under license.

The concept behind ROK Comics is a no brainer for me and I’ve been banging on about it for years, but it’s only the relatively recent advent of mobiles capable of displaying graphics well that has spurred the project, plus the worldwide reach ROK has thanks to its wide-ranging partnerships with a large number of telcos around the world.

With access to hundred of millions of handsets through existing Mobile Network Operator Agreements, ROK Comics can deliver digital comics straight to mobile handsets and collect revenue for doing so. Comic readers will be able to download the comics via Pay Per Download or subscription via Multi Media Messaging (MMS).

Creators publishing professionally via ROK Comics will receive 50% of the available revenue on every sale, with full access to sales statistics, viewings and more.

In addition to several licensed comics that will be offered via ROK Comics, publishers can also create Free Samples of strips that can be viewed online and on mobile to promote their print editions, and let fans know about them by e-mail, and provide an “Embed” of a strip, which can be posted on web sites, blog or company site.

In addition, ROK Comics offers “FreeFall Comics” – an advanced Flash-based service enabling anyone to create strips using ready-made characters and backgrounds that can also be delivered to mobile.

There are thousands of comics creators worldwide who publish independently or online, with no way to profit from their hard work. By enabling mobile delivery, syndication of their creations is now instantly possible, and, I hope, generating real revenue.

Have a look and let me know what you think!

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