“Rourke of the Radlands” returns via 100% Biodegradable shapes up

100% Biodegradable 16 - Cover SNIP - RourkeBack in the early 1990s, myself and now Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp co-created “Rourke of the Radlands“, who has only, to date, appeared in Marvel UK’s STRIP anthology (Issue Four).

As I previously mentioned here, the response to the strip was positive and editor Dan Abnett got Liam and I working on a mini-series idea, one that went through several variations as word came down from Marvel US that we at MUK should endeavour to make planned series marketable in the US.

Ideally, by including appearances by Marvel US characters in them.

When Dan left MUK and Paul Neary came aboard as Editorial Director, the Rourke project – one of several in the works, including a non-Dalek Abslom Daak story by Steve Moore – was canned, but MUK did formally acknowledge Liam and I owned the character. (Initially, the aim of STRIP was to provide a Vertigo / Epic-style platform to creators).

Decades on, 100% Biodegradable digital anthology editor Dave Hailwood and I threw some ideas around for a Rourke revival, starting with a re-presentation of  the original story, “The Wand”, in Issue 16, out in March. That will be followed by further one-off tales, the first drawn by Bill Storie, who I worked with his project Ex Astris.

Following up on occasional previous posts about this project, I’m thrilled to present this stunning Rourke cover for an upcoming issue of 100% Biodegradable (where two strips co-authored with Dave, “Death Duty” and “Skowdogs”, already feature).

The art is by talented illustrator and comics artist Brett Burbridge, who also drew “Death Duty”.

100% Biodegradable 16 - Cover Art - Rourke

100% Biodegradable 16 – Cover Art by Brett Burbridge featuring Rourke


I hope you like it, because I bloomin’ well do!

You can buy 100% Biodegradable via various platforms including DriveThru (print collections too – #2 and #3 recently released!), Comicsy and ComiXology.

• For all the latest 100% Biodegradable news check out the blog at http://biomekazoik.blogspot.co.uk

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