Roy Smiles’ award winning Tony Hancock play, “The Lad Himself”, revived

Roy Smiles’ award winning Tony Hancock play, The Lad Himself, is back on stage in London from 20th April to 1st May 2022.

Roy Smiles’ award winning Tony Hancock play, The Lad Himself

Directed by, and starring Mark Brailsford, the play, from the team behind The Treason Show, will be performed Upstairs at the Gatehouse, in Highgate, N6 4BD.

The play by Roy Smiles, author of Ying Tong, A Walk with The Goons, and Pythonesque. is described as a gleefully exuberant and reverential tribute to the comedy of Tony Hancock, and the writing of Galton and Simpson. Mark first performed it at the Edinburgh Festival 10 years ago and later at the Brighton Festival.

It’s being revived now as part of fundraising efforts to continue The Treason Show, complementing an on ongoing GoFundMe campaign to continue to produce further outings for the production that has garnered fans for both the stage version and TV spin-off, which has completed its run to date.

Hang-dog 1950’s comedian Tony Hancock, after his death in Australia, finds himself in a very familiar limbo, the waiting room from The Blood Donor. Yet again, he is confronted by the same officialdom, red tape, pomposity and bureaucracy in the afterlife that drove him mad in life.

During the course of an evening, he manage to alienate vicars, clowns, cleaning ladies, RAF pilots, doctors, nurses, the entire population of Croydon and St. Peter – herself. Not only does he discover that St. Peter is a woman, who bears a startling resemblance to Hattie Jaques, but that God himself is a woman, who may or may not have a beard…

For more information about The Lad Himself and to book tickets head to this page on The Treason Show web site

The Lad Himself | 20th April to 1st May 2022 | Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate Village, London N6 4BD |Box Office: 020 8340 3488 Web:

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