Saucy Goings On At The Edinburgh International Book Festival

Teddy Jamieson video interviews Robbie Morrison and Charlie Adlard about White Death

Teddy Jamieson video interviews Robbie Morrison and Charlie Adlard about White Death at BookFest

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is currently in full swing and while the 40+ events of last year’s Stripped 2013 festival-within-a-festival have been scaled back to the more typical BookFest number of a dozen or so, with creators including Bryan Lee O’Malley, Robbie Morrison and Charlie Adlard amongst its guests BookFest remains an important part of the comics year north of the border.

The two on-site book shops, the main shop and the children’s shop, continue to stock a wide range of books as well as BookFest merchandising tie-ins such as mugs, pens, fridge magnets and the like. While the selection in the graphic novels section of the main bookshop inevitably isn’t as large as last year, the shop does have a comics tie-in that is causing some amusement amongst its punters.

As many unwary tourists during the main Festival period of August have no doubt found out, Edinburgh chip shop condiments are not the standard salt’n’vinegar but salt’n’sauce, and that sauce isn’t tomato ketchup but runny brown sauce. However if you go to the Book Festival you will be able to buy another kind of sauce – Broon Sauce.

Broon Sauce
The folks at DC Thomson have persuaded Maw Broon, who already has five cookery books to her name, to reveal the secrets of her brown and tomato sauce recipes to Edinburgh’s Box Clever Brands Ltd and they are have made them available for the public to buy. For those who cannot make it to the Book Festival, or find a shop stocking these, they are available via the internet at

We very much doubt that there will be a more unusual British comics tie-in released this year than Broon Sauce.

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