Sci-Fi Artist Emma Alvarez stands up for Human Rights in new exhibtion

Some months ago, Sci-Fi Art Now contributor Emma Alvarez was asked if she wanted to take part in a travelling exhibition for the Human Rights in Alicante.

The exhibition, “El Arte Con Los Derechos Humanos”, features 30 pieces of art from different artists, who all had to choose an article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and create their artwork based on it.

Emma’s choice was Justice, based on the Declaration’s 7th article.

“I chose this because I think that in some way it comprises the essence of Human Rights,” says Emma. “Everyone has the same opportunities, and everybody can have the same education. It is just that we all can be the same.”

The works of art by sculptors, photographers, water colour and collage artists and more aim to explore and inform people people about the words and images of human rights.

Promotional poster for the exhibition

The exhibition opened in the exhibition hall of the Panoramis Centre in Alicante on Human Rights Day, 10th December, the anniversary of the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved on back in 1948.

“There were plenty of people at the opening,” says Emma, who received plenty of prase for her work on the night, which was both flattering and embarrassing – like many artists, she’s a modest about her work!

The exhibition, orgnaised by Amnesty International and local art organisation Espejo de Alicante (EDA) was opened by Vicente Pertegás, co-ordinator of Amnesty International, Consuelo Giner, president of the EDA.  (If you’re curious, the EDA blog, in Spanish, has a full list of artists involved here – be aware the blog is pretty sluggish to view, there seems to be some animation slowing down loading time).

“We got lots of signatures for several human rights issues,” she adds. “I’m very happy of participating in this.”

More about the exhibition opening on her official blog

More about the exhibition on the Espejo de Alicante blog (in Spanish)

More about the exhibition on the Spanish Amnesty International web site (in Spanish)

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