SHIFT Magazine teases 2022 publishing plans, offering Richard Starkings SF adventure, Elephantmen, and more

Independent British comics publisher and distributor GetMyComics has announced some of its publishing plans for 2022, its delayed bumper SHIFT Special due to hit stores very soon – and new strips for the anthology title, including Richard Starkings brilliant SF adventure, Elephantmen, and more.

2022 releases kick off with SHIFT Issue Ten, cover yet to be revealed, is expected in WHSmith and comic shops from 10th February. It’s another bonus sized 100-page flipbook, introducing a new indie publisher. This issue wraps up the “Kora” story by Chris Geary, and the current “Killatoa” insert run.

Online purchasers buying from the GMC store will get a bonus print again this issue.

Out in April, SHIFT Issue 11 is now SHIFT Volume 2 Issue 1 – and the 80-page issue, with a cover by Liam Sharp, available to pre-order now, includes his new creator owned series, “Lib LaRoche”.

SHIFT Volume Two Issue - cover by Liam Sharp

Set in 2239, at a time when Africa and China are at war, and Europe is a virus-devastated kill zone, even in the face of blistering resistance, it seems that nothing can stop the advance of MAPPO’s Elephantmen across France, to the North. But as Hip Flask – possibly the only Elephantman who dared to ask questions during his childhood education – comes face to face with the last vestiges of humanity in the frozen Scandinavian wastes, he discovers that only the dead see the end of warfare…

SHIFT Volume 2 Issue 2 follows in May, with an Elephantmen cover by Ian Churchill and the debut of “Elephantmen: War Toys” by Richard Starkings and Moritat.

SHIFT Volume Two Issue Two - Elephantmen cover by Ian Churchill

“Volume 2 Issue 2 offers more new stories, which keeps us packed throughout volume 2,” teases publisher Adrian Clarke, who’s also working on the next SHIFT Presents collection, which “will be popular with fans of ‘Kora’, with at least two more specials lined up for the year… plus a special mini series run in between.”

As for the delayed SHIFT Special (formally known as the Winter Special), a vital strip integral to GMC’s wider plans for SHIFT through 2022 delayed in the delivery due to unexpected issues beyond the world of comics, that will be shipping in the next couple of weeks.

“With luck, this Special will be in newsagents for a much longer period with some new arrangements,” Adrian reveals, which is good news, “so you’ll see three or four SHIFT-related titles on the shelves at the same time!”

Part crowdfunded, backers of the SHIFT Special should be getting some extras to compensate them for delayed arrival.

Running to 128 pages, the SHIFT Special features all-new stories by the best indie creators in the UK and beyond and is offered with a wraparound Clint Langley cover, or variant limited edition cover by Barry Kitson.

Stories include an all-new “To The Death” story, “The End of the Beginning”, as created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior; and an all-new adventure, “Bring the Rayne”, by Simon and Barry Kitson, back together 30 years after their first work together, on Marvel UK’s Transformers. Plus, stories by creators that include Mike Carey, John Charles, Dave Clarke, Christopher Frank, Chris Geary, Noel K Hannan, Alan Langford, Hal Laren, Lee Milner, Scott Morse, Tom Newell, Andrew Sawyers, Ian Stopworth, Lyndon Webb and John Welding.

Finally, don’t forget SHIFT Issue Nine is still available in selected newsagents, through your comic shop or direct from the SHIFT online store, but you’ll need to order the terrific Shift Presents… Empire! by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson direct from GMC.

Shift Presents… Empire! is the latest in the line of SHIFT special editions, GMC working with a number of publishers and creators to highlight their work, and bring it to an unsuspecting public.

Long out of print, Empire is now back in print in a standard, oversized SHIFT format, this showcasing Barry’s stunning art and Mark’s brilliant storytelling, sporting an all new cover by Barry.

Look out for an announcement on the GMC Facebook and Twitter soon about a convention appearance by the publisher, the first for 2022, where you’ll be able meet some of SHIFT amazing creators.

Pre-order your SHIFT and SHIFT PRESENTS titles from the online SHIFT store

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