Sneak Peek: Assassin’s Creed #4

Assassin's Creed #4 Cover A by David Lafuente

Assassin’s Creed #4 Cover A by David Lafuente

What more do you want to know? Assassin’s Creed #4 is out now from Titan Comics. It’s written by Kill Shakespeare creators Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreery. That alone should be grabbing your attention. But that’s not all! It’s drawn by the brilliant Neil Edwards, who positively wowed us last year with his work on Doctor Who: Four Doctors last year (and goodness, me, the collection of that is out today, too!). You may know he’s done a few bits and bobs that that little-known US publisher, Marvel, too. Got to be worth a look, yes? Which variant cover will you choose?

“We’re starting off 2016 with a bang this week with the release of the latest chapter in our Assassin’s Creed epic,” Antony and Conor tell us. “In this issue we delve deeper into the dangerous and treacherous Salem Witch Trials building to an ending that will shock you by spinning our story forward in a new direction.

“With our first three issues receiving great praise (and, yes, great sales), we’ve made our heroine, Charlotte de la Cruz, an over-educated, under-employed millennial, a fan-favourite! Charlotte has been recruited by the Assassins organization to dive into the memories of her ancestors to unlock clues that could clear one of the Assassin’s finest members from being executed as a traitor in today’s world. But the truth of what she discovers in Salem will haunt her and make her question everything she thought she knew about the Brotherhood..”

Writers: Anthony Del Col & Connor McCreery
Artist: Neil Edwards
Cover A: David Lafuente
Cover B: Marco Turini
Cover C: Dennis Calero
Publisher: Titan Comics
Page Count: 32PP
Format: Softcover
Release Date: Now

The clock is ticking Charlotte has a bad feeling that she just can’t shake. When another visit to Tom’s memories reveals a horrifying truth, it’s the blow that finally transforms her in to a true Assassin as she puts aside her own safety for the good of the Brotherhood…

Assassin's Creed #4 Cover B by Marco Turini

Assassin’s Creed #4 Cover B by Marco Turini

Assassin's Creed #4 Cover C by Dennis Calero

Assassin’s Creed #4 Cover C by Dennis Calero

Assassin's Creed #4 Preview 1

Assassin's Creed #4 Preview 2

Assassin's Creed #4 Preview 3

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