Sneak Peek: Pete Wallbank takes on “Logan’s Run” for INFINITY Maagazine

Artist Pete Wallbank, has kindly shared this sneak peek of his terrific Logan’s Run cover for an upcoming issue of Infinity magazine, inspired by the TV show based on the feature film starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter – one of his favourite commissions for the title so far.

Art based on the Logan's Run TV show by Pete Wallbank

Art based on the Logan’s Run TV show by Pete Wallbank

In 2319, much of Earth’s civilisation has been wiped out and now survives in small isolated societies whilst in the city of the Domes. At the age of 30, people are selected for renewal – but instead, only death awaits!

Based on the 1967 novel by by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson and subsequent feature film, the short-lived 1970’s TV show followed the fugitive exploits of Logan 5 (Gregory Harrison, who has gone on to enjoy a wide TV career), Jessica (the late Sound of Music child star Heather Menzies, who died in 2017) and their android friend Rem (Donald Moffat, who died last year), whilst avoiding capture by the authorities, led by Francis 7 (Randy Powell).

INFINITY Magazine Issue 22Originally airing in 1977, running for just 14 episodes, DC Fontana served as story editor and worked alongside several other writers from Star Trek, as well as William F. Nolan, one of the original novel’s authors. The Executive Producers were Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, who had created Charlie’s Angels the year before, taking over from Logan’s Run feature film producer Saul David, who was fired from the show.

“As illustrations go it’s fairly straight forward,” Pete notes, “a case of less is more and perhaps because of this it’s become my favourite cover I’ve done so far for this particular magazine.

“As always if you loved Logan’s Run, then this is for you – hope you approve.”

Logan’s Run was a show I recall along with many others that came and went all too quickly back in the 1970s, the concept never quite catching with the audience – or perhaps in production terms, it was overwhelmed by the impact Star Wars had on release in cinemas, raising the bar on what viewers then began to expect of SF TV shows, too?

Infinity Issue 22 is on sale soon.

• Pete Wallbank is online at and available for private commission. You can also find him on Facebook here

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