Sneak Preview – Pumpin’ Jam: 13 Short Stories that Claim to be Inspirational


'Pumpin' Jam' - Cover
Written, Drawn and Designed by Ed Traquino aka Feliq

A friend of mine once described sitting in Ed Traquino’s company like sitting in a hilarious wind tunnel. Hair continuously blown back in relentless laughing. He’s non-stop creatively and personally.

An old UK small press collaborator with my humble writing and artist on the now legendary story “Cat Slater has a Penis’, he is now living in New York and working by day as a storyboard artist. At night, he becomes the comics creative force that is Feliq. Last year saw the limited release of his excellent graphic novel Cee and Bee and this year we get a collection of some of his short stories.

Created between 2008 right up to 2015 the stories in Pumpin’ Jam: 13 Short Stories that Claim to be Inspirational have titles such as “Modern Goons”, “Mule Me… Now” and “League of Amazons” – and they’ll lay you on your back and tickle your tummy with funny and absurd words and art.

Ed’s characters run rampant through the pages and our eyeballs. Relentless in their silliness and energy, they get themselves into all sort of problems. Stories that poke fun at the mainstream ridiculous of modern life, our obsessions and preoccupations.

Infectious and strange, funny and sarcastic, I’ve never grown tired of Ed’s energetic comics work. He has an incredible artistic style that extenuates character and individuality, both traditional and cartoony in style it has elements of weekly UK comics and modern Image style visuals.

• You can find further examples of Ed’s work at or you can follow him on Twitter @FeliqsComics or on Facebook

Here is one of the stories, enjoy!


Pumpin' Jam: Sweatin' Man Page 1 Pumpin' Jam: Sweatin' Man Page 2



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