Snowpiercer Volume 3 out in February from Titan Comics

Snowpiercer Volume 3: Terminus

Titan Comics will release the English edition of the third chapter of the French science-fiction Snowpiercer bande dessinee series written by Oliver Bocquet, with art by Jean-Marc Rochette on 17th February 2015.

Snowpiercer Volume 1Snowpiercer: The Escape, written by Jacques Lob and Benjamin Legrand, with art by Rochette, formed the basis for the 2013 South Korean film directed by Joon-ho Bong (The Host) starring  Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, John Hurt and Ed Harris nd now available on DVD. The film has also been screened via Netflix in the US.

Coursing through an eternal winter, on an icy track wrapped around the frozen planet Earth, a train travels unceasingly through the eternal winter. This is Snowpiercer: one thousand and one carriages long. From fearsome engine to final car, all surviving human life is here: a complete hierarchy of the society we lost. The elite as ever, travel in luxury at the front of the train – but for those in the rear coaches, life is squalid, miserable and short.

Snowpiercer Volume 2: The ExplorersProloff is a refugee from the tail, determined never to go back. In his journey forward through the train, he hopes to reach the mythical engine and, perhaps, find some hope for the future…

Snowpiercer Volume 2: The Explorers, written by Legrand with art by Rochette, tells the story of a second train of survivors aboard The Icebreaker, which keeps its population in check by telling them that the Snowpiercer is out of control and may crash into them, necessitating occasional breaking exercises. The second train also has a small contingent of explorers, who leave the train to scavenge and explore the frozen world.

In the upcoming Snowpiercer Volume 3: Terminus, The Icebreaker has stopped, and supplies are almost exhausted. The train itself is on the brink of collapse. The survivors are driven to find out if they are alone in the world, or is there finally an outside hope?

Snowpiercer: The Escape is available from all good book shops and online stores

Snowpiercer Volume 2: The Explorers is available from all good book shops and online stores

Snowpiercer Volume 3: Terminus will be published on 17th February 2016. Pre-order it now

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