Soulful Creative Bigs up Judge Dredd!

Judge Dredd Mural by Soulful Creative
Judge Dredd Mural by Soulful Creative

A five metre high strutting Judge Dredd pointing his ‘Lawgiver’ (gun) towards the sky, has been greeting world travellers as they approach London Heathrow Airport for the past week.

The massive 60 square metre graffiti art mural has been created as a tribute piece to the iconic British comic character to tie in with the DREDD 3D re-imagining of the comic book great on an old warehouse unit in Windsor by urban art agency, Soulful Creative, who specialise in creating large-scale artworks.

Soulful Creative founder Koze says, “We grew up with Judge Dredd and 2000AD and we wanted to pay homage to one of Britain’s greatest science fiction comic characters, the wonderful stories and artwork that inspired so many over the years.”

The huge mural took two artists only one day to complete, using a mix of emulsion and spray paint to cover the whole side of the warehouse unit directly under the flight path. The dynamic piece has been designed to look like a spread from a comic book and depicts Judge Dredd aiming he’s lawgiver into the air with his famous catch phrase ‘I AM THE LAW’ painted in bright orange and red colours in perspective next to him.

Soulful Creative is an urban art creative agency who specialise in creating unique and inspirational visual communications, through live art, murals, public art, events and installations. They pride themselves on delivering innovative and inspirational work by assembling the best creative team for each project they work on, comprised of the UK’s leading graffiti artists, street artists, illustrators and contemporary artists.

Soulful Creative have also made a dynamic film of the creation of the mural.

Judge Dredd mural from Soulful Creative on Vimeo.

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