Starscape Comic Turns Magazine

For the past seven or so years, Chris Smillie’s Starscape has been a comic then a webcomic, inspired by the idea of the evolution of traditional British comics, such as 2000AD, Mighty World of Marvel, Eagle and the Victor, taking up the title ‘Valiant for the 21st Century’.

Now, Chris has announced Starscape comic has evolved into Starscape comic magazine.

Now, along with all-new comic strips from emerging and established creators from 2000AD, Marvel, DC Thomson etc., plus classic tales from the golden age to modern classics, Starscape also presents Comicscape and Moviescape, offering news feeds, reviews of current and past comics, graphic novels, tv series and films, plus downloads of classic movies, serials, cartoons and fanfilms.

Chris wants all fans of the title to get involved in the revamp, perhaps by sharing your views on the latest graphic novel, a favourite fantasy book or a sci-fi drama from many years ago. If you have the desire to interview comic creators (contacts preferred but not required) or are looking for somewhere to publish your comic, or a story to draw, then head over to or pitch your ideas to Chris via

Please note, there’s no indication in Chris’ PR for the relaunch that there is any renumeration for contributions — check with him for more information.

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