Steampunk from the South West: Arthur tries for his Shilling

An enthusiastic group of British creators have baneded together to source crowdfunding for Arthur Shilling, a new ongoing comic series blending steampunk and the paranormal set for release on the 21st September 2013 at the first Dev Con in Plymouth.

They’re doing well in their efforts to reach their relatively modest target of £1000, which will ensure publication of Issue One.

The cover of Arthur Shilling Issue One by Chris May.

The cover of Arthur Shilling Issue One by Steve May.

In a Victorian world of Gears and Ghosts, a handful of heroes stand like beacons of hope in the darkness: and one of them is Arthur Shilling, Paranormal Adventurer and Gentleman Engineer.

The first issue of Arthur Shilling will comprise two stories: Arthur Shilling versus the Newlyn Nightmare, a classic comic book story, and The Innocent Heart starring Dr Beckett; a text story with illustrations.

“Both characters inhabit the same world,” explains Chris Nicholls, part of the team on the book who are all based in the South West of England.”It’s an alternative history which combines steampunk with the paranormal and occult… a world is populated by both historical and fictional figures. So be prepared for a brush with Brunel or dinner with Dracula.

“We’re hoping this will be the first issue of an ongoing series and these stories are an introduction to both characters.”

An interiror page from Arthur Shilling Issue One.

An interiror page from Arthur Shilling Issue One.

Chris is the creator and author of Arthur Shilling, who says he spends his life in comic book t-shirts and odd socks. “The concept for Arthur Shilling was born whilst painting my bathroom a worrying shade of crimson,” he reveals.

Writer Chris Fisher is the creator of Dr Michael Beckett, while Rob Cross is lead artist on the project. APlymouth College of Art and Design alumni, Rob isn’t a Steampunker but we’re told does wear a hat with goggles on.

Also on board are cover artist and inker Steve May, who has been selling his unique style art on the convention circuit in the South West for many years, and letterer Emily King, who’s also a podcaster to comic writer.

The desgns, cover and page sampels we’ve seen so far, the target – almost achieved – is modest (but I’m sure they’d love to reach their ‘stretch goals’). Why not head over to Kickstarter and take a look…

Arthur Shilling Kickstarter Page

Arthur Shilling Facebook Page

Arthur Shilling’s Blog

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