Matthew Simpson to star as Johnny Alpha, Kevin Horsham as Wulf in Strontium Dog Fan Film

Strontium Dog - Fan Film: Johnny Alpha
Matthew Simpson will play Johnny Alpha in the Strontium Dog fan film from the Judge Minty team

The team behind the eagerly-anticipated not-for-profit Strontium Dog fan film have released a few photos from their costume test day, and introduce actors Matthew Simpson, who has kindly agreed to play the part of Johnny Alpha in the film, and Kevin Horsham, who will play companion Wulf Sternhammer.

The film, which will be directed by Steven Sterlacchini & Steve Green, is based on the work of Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant created for 2000AD.

Matthew Simpson is an actor and producer, whose credits include the recently-released Knavish Folk – the story of a cop, quarterback, hitman, gangster, and thief whose lives intertwine when they are presented with the perfect heist by a mysterious man only known as Hermes – Olive Green (2014) and Scherbo, due to be released next year. He’s also the Creative Director at Ekstasy, an international creative agency, specialising in Film Production, Music Production and Publishing.

Kevin Horsham, a police officer making the transition to actor who also appeared in Olive Green, is an experienced actor with a career spanning over 15 years in the industry. The Plymouth-based actors recent credits include the World War One film The Levellers/Mutiny, The Midnight Horror Show and Korin, and his skills include a number of martial arts – handy talents for the role of Wulf Sternhammer!

Strontium Dog - Fan Film: Wulf Sternhammer
Kevin Horsham as Wulf Strenhammer for the Strontium Dog fan film directed by irected By: Steven Sterlacchini & Steve Green.

“I’m a hard working actor and will attempt any role to widen my acting abilities,” he says in a post on the BBC Film Network site. “In my spare time, if I ever have any I spend it with my wife and family, I ride my motorbike, I rough shoot with rifle and shotgun, I write books, sing in a band, charity fund raise for Parkinsons, and if there is anytime left try to get some sleep!”

Here’s his showreel on Vimeo:

This project is a not for profit fan film based on the 2000AD story, “Strontium Dog”, first published in Starlord and the work of the much-praised team behind the not-for-profit fan film Judge Minty, set in the Judge Dredd universe.

Digital modelling on the costumes is by Steve Green, with additional digital modelling, prop fabrication and costume build by Dan at Planet Replicas Ltd. The Undersuit is the work of Victoria Wilder.

• For more information on the project visit their Facebook page:

Matthew Simpson is online at

• Follow Kevin Horsham on Twitter @KJHORSHAM

STRONTIUM DOG TM REBELLION A/S, ©REBELLION A/S, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The makers of this film have no association with Rebellion or 2000AD

This item was updated on 24th February 2023

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