Teen Titans movie in the pipeline

Hollywood Reporter and ICV2 report Warner Bros. Pictures is working on a live action adaptation of DC Comics’ Teen Titans supergroup comic book. The animated series has been good fun, so let’s hope a live version has the same energy – and they grab the cool theme tune, too!

Altogether now:


When there’s trouble you know who to call
Teen Titans!
From their tower, they can see it all
Teen Titans!
When there’s evil on the attack
You can rest knowing they got your back
Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol

Teen Titans GO!

With their superpowers they unite
Teen Titans!
Never met a villain that they liked
Teen Titans!
They’ve got the bad guys on the run
They never stop till the job gets done
Cuz when the world is losin’ all control

Teen Titans GO!
Teen Titans GO!

If your heart is black you better watch out
You cannot escape the team
When they catch you there won’t be any doubt
You’ve been beaten by the teens

Also available as a mobile ring tone, by the way…

(And if you really, really want to sing it in Japanese, click here! The link takes you to the a post on teentitans.deviantart.com)

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