The 17th Japan International MANGA Award seeks entries from manga artists across the globe

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The 17th Japan International MANGA Award, organised by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is seeking the very best of international manga creating talent, and is currently accepting submissions from across the world, including creators from the UK.

The prestigious competition was established in 2007 by the then Foreign Minister of Japan ASO Taro, as a means of encouraging those with manga creating talent outside of Japan.

The competition is often very competitive, with professional artists and comic creators entering published work. Unpublished comics and work created especially for the competition are also encouraged, and have been successful in previous years.

Two creators from the UK have had prize winning entries recognised by the competition. Seàn Michael Wilson was the writer behind Secrets of the Ninja featuring art by Akiko Shimojima, in the 10th edition of the competition.

Secrets Of Ninja: Shinobi Teachings Of Hattori Hanzo Graphic Novel
Seàn Michael Wilson was the writer behind Secrets of the Ninja in the 10th edition of the Japan International MANGA Award competition
Art from the 2018 Manga Silver Award-winning story "Miseyieki" by and © Shangomola Edunjobi
Art from the 2018 Manga Silver Award-winning story “Miseyieki” by and © Shangomola Edunjobi

Shangomola Edunjobi took silver prize in the 12th edition, with his entry, MISEYIEKI. The prize winners are flown to Japan to receive their award, meet manga creators and publishers, and visit some of Japan’s most famous sights.

The deadline for entries is 7th July 2023 and you can find out how to enter here on UK Embassy of Japan web site

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