The Mekon does good for once – art auction aids Little Heroes

David Broughton at work on his Mekon art for charity

Widely publicised among the British comics community through social media, comic artist David Broughton’s charity auction for his Dan Dare-inspired Mekon artwork has raised over £70 for the Little Heroes Comics charity.

Perhaps better known for independent comics projects such as Shaman Kane, David decided to mark the 70th birthday of Eagle by offering his artwork of Dan Dare nemesis The Mekon on eBay, in aid of Little Heroes Comics, helped in his fundraising efforts by downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf.

“If it makes at least one child happy then it is a good thing,” said David of the project – and the art sold for £76, so I’m sure it will!

Artist David Broughton, and the Mekon, too

In addition to his Mekon art, David also decided to set himself a challenge by drawing a page of Dan Dare in one day to help promote the auction.

David posted the various stages of his Mekon art online, along with his Dan Dare page…

The Mekon by David Broughton – Pencil Stage
The Mekon by David Broughton – Pencil Stage
The Mekon by David Broughton
The Mekon by David Broughton – as sold on eBay
The Mekon by David Broughton – Coloured
David’s “Dan Dare” page, drawn in a day, to publicise his auction

Founded in 2017 by Aaron Rackley, Little Heroes Comics produces and distributes comic making kits to children in healthcare organisations across the UK.

Check out the great work of Little Heroes Comics at

• David Broughton is online at | Buy his comics here on Comicsy |
Follow David on Twitter @DBroughtonDavid

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  1. Woo and indeed,Hoo!
    David Broughton is a genuine professional. It is a pleasure to see him getting a higher profile and the Dan Dare page shows just how good he is. Bravo!

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