Thrill suckers target 2000AD Instagram, all posts lost in hack

Rebellion has announced that the official 2000AD Instagram account was hacked last week and all posts, ten years of work, were deleted.

“After working tirelessly to regain access, we have just been informed that the account that we’ve been working on for a close to a decade has been permanently lost,” say the Rebellion Team in a statement.

“We are therefore asking you, the incredible 2000AD community, to come together and spread the word about our brand new Instagram account at

“In return, we promise to reward you all with just as many updates, competitions and artwork for The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

“Let’s show them one Judge is worth a hundred punks – cosmic or otherwise!”

It sounds like Instagram, owned by Meta, who also own Facebook needs to do better preserving member content in case of situations like this. It must be extremely disheartening for the hardworking 2000AD press team to have to restart building their Instagram presence, so help them out – ditch the old account from your feeds and follow the new one now.

Follow the brand new 2000AD Instagram account at

All your official 2000AD sources are listed here

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