Thunderbirds Are Go: Scott Tracy and Thunderbird One Revealed


The YouTube Thunderbirds Are Go  channel has delivered the UK exclusive reveal of Thunderbird 1 and Scott Tracy, 24 hours before it’s aired on ITV and CITV.

Thunderbirds Are Go: Scott Tracy and Thunderbird One

Thunderbirds Are Go: Scott Tracy and Thunderbird One


The Thunderbird One reveal was quickly followed by other clips of the Tracy’s arch enemy, The Hood, assessing the other Thunderbirds machines that have been publicly announced so far. Here’s all five in one Playlist.



Thunderbirds Are Go coming to CITV Spring 2015.

When disaster strikes and there’s no one else to help, International Rescue answers the call! From their secret island base, this family of highly trained responders can reach every corner of the globe – and beyond – in minutes. With their remarkable cutting edge Thunderbird Vehicles, brothers Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon and Alan Tracy along with head of security Kayo and lead engineer Brains pull off amazing feats of heroism. No rescue is too big and no journey too far to save a life. When duty calls, Thunderbirds are Go.

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  1. There are also similar teasers for all five Thunderbirds now. They get very repetitive but the video clips of the craft are nice.

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