Tiger Crab Studios launches “Nevera Tales” Kickstarter, a new British comic book

Tiger Crab Studios has just launched a Kickstarter for Nevera Tales – described as The Shawshank Redemption meets Interview with a Vampire, a fantasy horror tale of mutual survival, written by the undead – although, actually, it’s a script by Daniel Bishop, a native New Zealander who was raised in England and now lives in California, hauntingly drawn by Marek Jarocki.

Sample art from Nevera Tales

Sample art from Nevera Tales

Sample art from Nevera Tales

“We love telling stories, as an art form, as a cultural expression, and as a way of passing on moral tales,” says Daniel, the founder of Tiger Crab Studios, who by day teaches public elementary school and has developed the story he tells us is a British comic book, centring on two very different characters – the vampire, Aston and Elisa, a hardened survivor against the odds, discarded, shunned and neglected by her family.

“We also love exploring different ways of telling stories, and are excited about how much life and diversity there is in comic books now,” he adds. “Comic books allow for a very special blend of pictures and words, art and writing, that we believe can communicate a story like nothing else, and we want to be part of that.”

Tiger Crab Studios is an independent creative studio focused on exploring different mediums of telling great stories and engaging in meaningful collaboration. Along with the Nevera Tales project, they’re also working on a Necromancer: The Fight For Life video game, a monster collecting RPG and Necromancer Duels card game.

Nevera Tales - Elisa Nevera Tales - Aston
We are drawing on stories such as Leon the Professional and Silence of the Lambs,” says Daniel of Nevera Tales, “where two very different characters must rely on each other to survive. One of the reasons these stories are great is not just because the characters have different moral stances, but they actually see reality differently, and still find enough common ground to achieve something.

“We also took inspiration from narrative styles used in Interview with a Vampire, and video games such as Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, where the storyteller has a very different concept of reality to the audience, and what fresh ideas and notions this can give us regarding time and life. We wanted to explore different concepts of time. Specifically how a character who perceives time differently (being immortal) who would tell a story that spanned decades. ”

Daniel Bishop was born in New Zealand, raised in England and now lives in California who graduated with a BA in Philosophy and Creative Writing, and now teaches at a public elementary school. Raised on a healthy diet of video games, movies, books and comics, Daniel loves to create stories and learn new ways to tell them.

Marek Jarocki is a California-based artist and illustrator who, along with drawing, enjoys spending time with his son.

• Find out more about Nevera Tales on the Kickstarter page and more about Tiger Crab Studios at www.tigercrabstudios.com and on Facebook at facebook.com/tigercrabstudios

• Fore more about artist Marek Jarocki visit his tumblr at http://marekjarocki.tumblr.com or follow him in Twitter @MJarocki_Art

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