Titan Comics Releases for June 2024: Conan, Disenchantment and Kamen Rider, too!

Here’s our quick guide to Titan Comics graphic novels and manga releasing in bookshops and comic shops. next month, June 2024.

Highlights include Conan the Barbarian: Thrice Marked for Death Volume Two, this series one of the company’s most popular titles ever, and Disenchantment: Untold Tales Volume Two, from the iconic illustrator, Matt Groening, based on the hit show.

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Format: Graphic novel
Author: Jim Zub
Artist: Doug Braithwaite
Publisher: Heroic Signatures & Titan Comics
SC, FC, 112pp
On sale: June 11, 2024

This book is perfect for fans of Robert E. Howard and his immortal creation, Conan the Barbarian. Filled with high adventure, savage combat and rollicking two fisted action!

In Conan, Howard forged not only a whole new genre – sword and sorcery, but also created a truly legendary character and a thousand pale imitators. After 90 years Conan still going strong! Crom!

After adventures on the high seas, Conan returns to shore to find himself haunted by his memories of Belit, captain of the Tigress and Queen of the Black Coast. Can a high-stakes heist draw him out of his tortured past, or will it plunge him deeper into the chaos that has always been waiting for him?

Conan The Barbarian: Thrice Marked For Death: Volume 2
Conan The Barbarian: Thrice Marked For Death: Volume 2
Conan The Barbarian: Thrice Marked For Death: Volume 2

In this the second volume of the new Conan The Barbarian adventures writer Jim Zub teams up with the legendary artist Doug Braithwaite for a truly extraordinary and savage new tale.

Two Direct Market Editions also available with cover art by Jae Lee and Liam Sharp.

Disenchantment: Untold Tales Volume 2

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Format: Graphic novel
Author/Artist: Matt Groening
Publisher: Titan Comics
HC, FC, 208pp
On sale: June 25, 2024

From the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, comes Volume 2 of the hilarious never-before-seen comics based on the hit Netflix animated show Disenchantment.

Set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland, Disenchantment follows the misadventures of hard-drinking, idealistic young princess Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo and personal demon Luci.

Created by legendary cartoonist Matt Groening, Disenchantment continues with Volume 2 of its never-before-seen comic bringing fun and freaky mishaps around the kingdom of dreamland.

Marvel's Avengers: The First 60 Years

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Format: Companion book
Author: Titan Comics
Publisher: Titan Comics
HC, FC, 128pp, $24.99
On sale: June 25, 2024

A celebration of 60 years of Marvel’s Avengers, featuring Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Hawkeye, the Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Quicksilver, and many more! This deluxe book explores the comic book history of Marvel’s premiere super hero team, looking in-depth at their greatest battles, deadliest enemies, and their unlikeliest allies. Lavishly illustrated with stunning art, this tribute to the much-loved comic book also includes profiles of the talented creators behind the team’s ongoing adventures.

The legend of the Avengers began in 1963 with Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man, and the Wasp. They were soon joined by Captain America, forming the original core team of heroes. Since then, the Avengers have changed lineup countless times, argued, fought amongst themselves, loved and betrayed each other, traveled across time and the universe, fought enemies, and saved the world.

The volume charts six decades of adventurous, romantic data, with personal stories and conflict-laden relationships that have intrigued us from the beginning. They are the Avengers. And they have assembled!

Villain Actor Volume 1 (Titan Comics, 2024)

Format: Manga
Author: Mikumo Seto
Illustrator: Kentaro Harada
Publisher: Titan Manga (Titan Comics imprint)
SC, B&W, 176pp, $12.99
On sale: June 25, 2024

Perfect for fans of seinen and supernatural manga, this first volume sees Ayumu Mashiro transforming into Zero, the monstrous villain that once destroyed the world!

Ayumu Mashiro has given up on his dream of being a hero and settled down into the mundane life of a police officer… until one day he transforms into the legendary villain known as Zero! Now a mysterious voice is guiding him as he’s thrown into the battle between good and evil!

Tengen Hero Wars Volume 2

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Format: Manga
Author: Yasu Hiromoto
Illustrator: Kubaru Sakanoichi
Publisher: Titan Manga (Titan Comics imprint)
SC, B&W, 192pp, $12.99
On sale: June 25, 2024

The historical heroes continue to battle for dominance in this all new volume.

History obsessed high schooler Oda Nobunaga and his young sister encounter the legendary Spartacus and William Tell, in this manga perfect for fans of action and history!

The epic strategic battles for dominance in the other world as Odo and his sister continue their adventures! Joining the fight are the legendary Thracian warrior-hero Spartacus, and the unerring archer William Tell! Can these heroes help tip the balance in the military campaign?

Kamen Rider Kuuga Volume 6

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Format: Manga
Author: Shotaro Ishinomori
Illustrator: Hitotsu Yokoshima
Publisher: Titan Manga (Titan Comics imprint)
SC, B&W, 224pp, $12.99
On sale: June 18, 2024

Yusuke Godai returns as Kamen Rider Kuuga in the epic 6th volume of Kamen Rider Kuuga! Godai’s sister Minori will learn of his incredible powers with devastating consequences!

The deadly gegeru continues as Me Galme Re’s murder spree culminates in an epic showdown with Kuuga! Yusuke Godai’s sister Minori witnesses his strange transformation into Kuuga for the first time and unable to accept his powers, walks away. The emotionally devastated Godai finds he is no longer able to transform into Kuuga… and how will he protect everyone’s smiles without his powers?

This item was updated to remove Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion, which will now be released on 9th July

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