Trevor von Eeden illustrates and writes for “Boxiana”, a pugilistic anthology

Boxiana Volume One

Veteran US comics artist Trevor von Eeden – best known for his groundbreaking work on Batman and Green Arrow an as the co-creator of Black Lightning for DC Comics – has provided the cover and illustrations for a British anthology of never before published boxing writing that takes an in-depth look at the sport’s past, present and future, including he history of boxing-themed comic books.

Trevor has made an impact upon each character he’s drawn in a career spanning over three decades. I had the great pleasure of working with him briefly last year on a short comic strip – and his work on it was as brilliant as ever. (It was a delight to work with an artists whose work on the short-lived DC Comics title Thriller I’d enjoyed so much back in the 1980s).

He’s currently working on a new Superman-Black Lightning story for DC. His web site includes some of the original pages of his 240-page graphic novel about the life of boxer Jack Johnson, The Original Johnson published by IDW in 2011, discussed in Boxiana.

“The graphic novel marks the first time that this remarkable man’s story will be told in a comics format,” says Trevor, “and the first time that it’ll have been told by a black man.”

Boxiana: Volume 1: An Anthology of New Boxing Writing, published by British publisher Matador, is an original, startling and thought-provoking book compiled by Luke G. Williams,  examining pugilistic themes, characters and issues ranging from the personal to the universal, combining exclusive interview material with meticulous research.

The book’s fresh approach will both intrigue and delight all serious followers of boxing. In the book, Luke G. Williams examines the history of boxing-themed comic books, and uncovers incredible tales of war-time heroism, forgery, suicide, alien invasion and, finally, artistic triumph; and the meteoric rise of Deontay Wilder and the under-rated career of Chris Byrd.

Also, Trevor explains the philosophy and intentions behind his graphic novel masterpiece The Original Johnson; Mario Mungia tries his hand at amateur boxing; Ben Williams uncovers his grandfather’s bareknuckle boxing career; Matthew Ogborn considers the issues boxers face on retirement; James Hernandez catches up with Jon Thaxton; rising light heavyweight Chris Hobbs recounts his life in the military and the ring; Rowland Stone recalls a heady night in 1992; and Corey Quincy attempts to solve the Wladimir Klitschko conundrum.

An eclectic anthology, Boxiana will appeal to fans of adult boxing and sports, as well as students of sports and boxing history.

The success Luke’s previous book, Masters of the Baize and positive reception for Boxiana: Volume 1 has resulted in Luke being commissioned for a third book. Richmond Unchained: The Biography of the World’s First Black Sporting Superstar, again illustrated by Trevor, which will be published by one of the UK’s leading publishers of historical books, Amberley Publishing, in August 2015.

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• The publication of Richmond Unchained: The Biography of the World’s First Black Sporting Superstar will be accompanied by a series of Bill Richmond related events as well as exclusive extra content and features relating to the book which will be published on Luke’s new blog 

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