Tube Surfing: Dave Gibbons, a Breaking into Comics guide, a shameless plug, and some stunning Batman art

A quick scurry around the interweb channels with items on writing comics by Alec Worley, a Dave Gibbons update, and news of a new feature film from Dave King…

The Complete Future Shocks Volume One

Comic Writing Tips: 2000AD writer Alec Worley is publishing a four-part piece on how he ‘broke in’ to comics over on Substack, by writing twist-in-the-tale “Future Shock” shorts for the long running anthology comic. “Over the next four weeks, I’ll be going over hard truths, short story structure, submission tactics, and mental survival,” he says. Start here!

Dave Gibbons. Photo: Helen Quigley
Dave Gibbons. Photo: Helen Quigley

Comic creator memories: Recording continues apace for B7 Media’s audio version of comic creator Dave Gibbons autobiography, Confabulation. As we previously reported, the audiobook will be available exclusively to buy and download from in December 2023, and will be available on other audiobook platforms from Spring 2024.

B7 Media - Pilgrim #2 Kickstarter Campaign Promo

The Shameless Plug: Separately, B7 Media are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies mini-series, which you can check out here, written by me, John Freeman (Doctor Who) with art by Neil Edwards (Fantastic Four, Spider-Man). I war

Dave King, Dave King Creative, and Takeshi Yagi

Animation director, producer, writer, storyboard artist, and lecturer and former comic artist Dave King returns to Bucharest, Romania, for the first time in about twenty years, as a jury member of the PITCH, PLEASE! panel, for the 18th edition of the Animest International Animation Film Festival, from 11 – 15th October. “I’m looking forward to seeing what projects a whole bunch of creators will be pitching, and giving them the benefit of my Yoda-like wisdom,” he says.

His Norway-based company, Dave King Creative, is currently developing a feature film, My Little Kaiju, and his talented team, has been joined by Takeshi Yagi, famed for directing and producing many shows in Japan’s Ultraman franchise.

Some random art, from Tumblr…

Tube Surfing Interlude: Wolves by Austrian painter and printmaker Norbertine Bresslern-Roth (1926, coloured woodcut, 22 x 20 cm)
Tube Surfing Interlude: Wolves by Austrian painter and printmaker Norbertine Bresslern-Roth (1926, coloured woodcut, 22 x 20 cm)

New John M. Burns Collection Teased: Noting our recent report on the retirement of legendary comic artist John M. Burns from the industry, Hibernia, publishers of the terrific Fleetway Files collections of strips such as Captain Condor and Angry Planet, limited copies still available here, have teased a new project, coming next year. “He will be sorely missed, but, he was extraordinarily prolific, so there is lots of ‘undiscovered’ art by him out there,” says publisher David McDonald. “Wishing him the very best in his retirement.

Dole busters - Night of the Werewolf by John Wagner and Alan Grant, art by John M. Burns

“We reprinted ‘Dolebusters’ a few years back in the Eagle Adventure Special, a cracking tale written by John Wagner and Alan Grant. We have something else by him lined up for next year, watch the stars! And no, that’s not a Starlord reference…”

Inktober Classic

It’s #Inktober: Artists across the globe are sharing art utilising the #Inktober hashtag as a unifier, across various platforms.

Here are four cool images we’ve seen so far, by Jan Ditlev, Tara Hannon, Mikel Janín, and Wamberto Nicomedes (Wam Nick)…

Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

Image: DC Comics

Comic Creator Rights? Over on Popverse, Graeme McMillan, notes that, with high profile strikes by the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America raising awareness of issues surrounding low payment, poor healthcare this summer, and a lack of job security in the entertainment industry, it’s raised the obvious question: why don’t comic creators have their own union or guild to protect them? After all, it’s not as if the comic book industry isn’t dealing with the same problems. “The truth of the matter is, a comic industry union has been tried more than once, but it’s never quite worked out,” he explains. Read his article here

New Partwork: Hachette’s new part work, Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer, is out now in newsagents and supermarkets. Packed with features aimed at both newcomers and veteran adventurers, you can find out more at

Female Adventure Hero incoming: Stephen White, whose credits include BEANO and “Oor Wullie”, has been developing a new comic character for some time, and she will debut next month. “I’m very happy to announce that Tara Togs will be making her debut in November,” he announced this week. “Not in the form of the graphic novel, but in a new short story that has been created especially for ComicScene. This nine page adventure will be her first footsteps into the world, and I’m very grateful to ComicScene for featuring her. You can find out more about ComicScene, and pre-order a copy here

And Finally… We round off with some Batman art by Spanish comic artist Sofia Girol Aviles, whose credits include work for McGraw Hill Education, Libsa and Estudio Fenix, and work published in different Spanish fanzines and magazines. Check out her portfolio here, and many other Spanish artists, too, seeking comics work

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