Tube Surfing: New Beano, 2000AD, and a ComicScene Best of Indie Summer Special cover reveal

Here’s a few British comic-related news items that caught our eye today, Wednesday 26th May 2021…

Utterly random panel that might resonate this week with British readers, via artist Darryl Cunningham

Things To Come 1: Here’s Charlie Gillespie’s cover for the ComicScene Best of Indie Summer Special, designed by Flopscomics.

This will be sent to ComicScene Comic Club members in June. Join the club – get it in digital or print here.

Always good to see Charlie putting his talents to use! You can follow him on Twitter @cgillespieuk

Things To Come 2: Taking of Flopscomics, he’s looking for comic creators to contribute to an upcoming anthology. Have you got a finished/previously published short story that you’d like to see printed elsewhere? Submissions/preview pages to be sent to or contact by DM via Twitter @Flopscomics

Things To Buy 1: Joko-Jargo’s Uncle Tharg has once more passed him the editorial reins for the second 2000AD Regened takeover of 2021, and you’ll find within a couple of strips that continue from previous instalments.

Psi-Judge Anderson, having tackled the threat of an alien incursion in her last couple of adventures, decides to confront the extra-terrestrial menace before it reaches Earth in “Deep Burn” by Cavan Scott and Paul Davidson; and the last time we saw Department K in Prog 2196 they were stuck between dimensions and faced a long journey home — find out how they got on in “Stranded” by Rory McConville and PJ Holden.

Add to that zarjaz Thrills with Cadet Dredd, courtesy of Liam Johnson and Jake Lynch, the Langridge and Parson droids’ Pandora Perfect, and a complete Future Shock from Colin Harvey and Tom Newell, and you have another scrotnig selection of circuit-scrambling stories!

If you missed any previous Regened instalments, fear not, for they are being collected up into graphic novel editions. Volume One is out now, and Volume Two is heading your way in July.

Our 2000AD, Treasury of British Collections and Specials – 2021 Checklist is here!

Things To Buy 2: The new BEANO is out now, in newsagents and the like, with an absolutely ace cover from Laura Howell.

Things To Buy 3: A selection of 2000AD artist Chris Weston’s Silkscreen Prints are now available to buy from the Uniquely Geekly Store

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