Unofficial Beano-style Doctor Who strip in the works for new not-for-profit time-spanning annual

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 Promotion

The fourth unofficial, not-for-profit Doctor Who annual from Terraqueous Distributors is due for release on 23rd November 2020, focused on the Seventh Doctor – and includes a Beano-styled strip written the weekly comic’s editor, John Anderson, drawn by Shannon Gallant.

A not-for-profit fan homage to the World Distributors Doctor Who annuals of old, the The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 follows the release of Terraqueous Distributors well-received The Unofficial Master Annual 2074 back in April, and two annuals released last year, dated 1972 and 1987 respectively.

Featuring stories and illustrations produced by fans, as well as celebrity contributions from the worlds of Doctor Who, the annuals are published via Print on Demand service Lulu for a strictly limited time only – so keep an eye on the Terraqueous Distributors Facebook Page for ordering information.

“John Anderson, the current editor of the Beano, is a huge Doctor Who fan,” Paul Cooke told downthetubes, “and contacted us about putting together a Beano-style strip for The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989.

“John wrote the script, which in true Beano style is wonderfully silly. Shannon Gallant was the Beano artist of choice, and has brought John’s script to life beautifully.

“The Seventh Doctor is just the perfect incarnation of the Time Lord, to be represented in such a way slapstick way,” Paul enthuses. “And Ace, also gets in on the fun too.

“This is such a wonderful crossover, and Terraqueous Distributors are honoured to have been part of it.”

Shannon Gallant drew this homage to Marvel superheroes for Beano
Shannon Gallant drew this homage to Marvel superheroes for Beano

American artist Shannon Gallant is a regular Beano contributor, who’s no stranger to homage in the comic itself. She’s been an on staff illustrator at advertising and public relations agencies such as Ogilvy, and has worked in comics for DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, and IDW, where she has close to 100 issues of GI Joe: Real American Hero to her name.

Able to adapt, she’s also drawn licensed properties from Dreamworks’ Shrek, Monsters vs Aliens, and How to Train Your Dragon, to Pink Panther, Under Dog, and Bullwinkle.

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 Promotion
The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 Promotion

This Terraqueous Distributors production also includes contributions from Who luminaries such as former Script Editor Andrew Cartmel, the brilliant illustrator Alister Pearson, author and visual effects maestro Mike Tucker, Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett, comic artist Paul McCaffrey and 2000AD and Interzone artist Smuzz – just to name a few.

As with previous releases, this is a not-for-profit publication, and none of the money paid by purchasers goes to the publisher or to any of the contributors.

• Keep an eye on the Terraqueous Distributors Facebook Page for ordering information

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