Unofficial ‘City of Dredd’ guide goes on sale

City of Dredd 2134

The critically-acclaimed unofficial guide to Judge Dredd’s Mega-City One, City of Dredd 2134, is now available from 

City of Dredd 2134, by John Caliber, collects all the locations to have featured in official Judge Dredd and Dreddworld literature (comics, newspaper strips, novels, audio dramas and computer/roleplaying games), accompanied by thrill-powered story synopses and thousands of facts and figures.

Featuring colour maps and more, it’s regarded by fans as an essential reference for Judge Dredd writers – professional and amateur – and for Dredd fans in general, it’s a guide that should also interest anybody wanting to explore perhaps one of the richest science fiction mythology ever produced by British comics.

John Caliber is an artist, writer, colourist, letterer and editor now venturing into the self-publishing market (comic books, Judge Dredd reference books). He’s the author/designer of two-dozen highly-regarded Judge Dredd roleplaying books and as well as another Dredd-related reference book is working on a four-issue mini series, Army Reincarnate, which will launch later in 2012.

City of Dredd 2134 is available now from in PDF format, price £9.95

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