US publisher eyes Planet Jimbot title

Food Chain Issue 1

Planet Jimbot reports some potentially good news this morning for the Scottish publisher, whose titles include Wolf Country, Savant, GoodCopBadCop and their new horror title, Food Chain,

Publisher and writer Jim Alexander reports a top US publisher is looking to take on one of their titles and a TV producer is looking at another one.

Jim and editor Eli Winter from Planet Jimbot team will be at the Glasgow Comic & Toy Fair on Saturday 8th March. Perhaps they’ll reveal more to attendees there. But in the mean time, if you’re interested in the company’s titles, check out their Facebook page or drop them a line at for information on how to buy copies of their comics.

Of their new horror comic Food Chain, Jim pitches the title, drawn by Pete Woods, as follows:

You’re in sales. You’re top of the food chain. Your whole life – every client detail – is held on your smartphone. So what happens when someone gets hold of your phone -your contacts – your life? Someone bad? Someone demonic?

It’s an unsettling first issue, with Jim throwing several balls in the air to both engage and misdirect, I expect, his readers. The moments of horror are more suggested rather than shown, but there are a number of squeamish moments for those of you who like that sort of thing, too.

Planet Jimbot Facebook Page

• Glasgow Comic & Toy Fair, Saturday 8th March, The Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4HZ. Facebook Event Page Here

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