US publisher IDW announces Judge Dredd title

US publishers IDW have announced they’re to publish a Judge Dredd ongoing series, which will launch this autumn.

No creators have yet been announced but the title will feature original stories alongside classic reprints from 2000AD – a combination that’s worked for the publisher before with titles such as Doctor Who and will certainly get a boost, hopefully, when the Judge Dredd film opens.

“These things always take a while,” IDW publisher Chris Ryall told Comic Book Resources. “It’s something we wanted to do a long time ago.

“I’ve been a huge fan since the early ’80s when I read some of the Brian Bolland stuff. I don’t remember how many months ago it was, but a few months back, we started talking about things with 2000AD, and over the last few months, it’s come together really nicely.

“I was in London a few weeks ago and met with the 2000AD guys,” he revealed. “We meshed on the ideas of what we’d like to do and where we’d like to take things from here. I’m really excited about this one. It’s the crown jewel, for me.”


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