Victor Gorelick: A Tribute, by Nancy Silberkleit, Co-CEO, Archie Comics

Victor Gorelick in 2012 | © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons
Victor Gorelick in 2012 | © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Along with the rest of the comics industry, I was shocked to learn the sad news of the death of Archie Comics editor-in-chief, Victor Gorelick.

For more than six decades, Victor has been with Archie Comics Publications. His loyalty to Archie was unquestionable. A man of many skills, he did lettering, colouring, whatever needed to be done. For most of that time, as Archie’s iconic editor-in-chief, Victor was the face of Archie to several generations of fans and collectors at conventions and trade shows and other public appearances where he spent the grueling hours with humour in his heart and a smile on his face, always connecting our brand to the people.

Archie Comics tribute to Victor Gorelick on Twitter
Archie Comics tribute to Victor Gorelick on Twitter

The editor is always really the person in charge when it comes to publishing comic books, and that’s how I’ve always seen Victor.

Victor immersed himself in all the wonderful Riverdale characters and their stories, stories that affected so many people globally, so many generations here in the United States. Stories change hearts, stories change minds, stories provide hope when there is no hope. Victor gave the Archie fans all of that and more for more than half a century. What a legacy!

May Victor rest in peace, knowing ever after that his many contributions to Archie’s rich history will be remembered with love.

Nancy Silberkleit

Victor Gorelick (5th April 1941 – 7th February 2020)

Our thanks to Nancy for permission to publish her tribute to Victor. Nancy is online at

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