WebFind: An Interview with TV21 and Look-In artist Mike Noble

Back in 2011, artist Chris Thompson interviewed veteran comics artist Mike Noble , best known for his work on TV Century 21 and Look-In (on strips such as Fireball XL5, Zero X, Follyfoot and Timeslip, to name but a few) about his long career, and I came across the video on YouTube.

Comic Artist Mike Noble

Mike – perhaps one of the best known and most accomplished British comic artists ever – talks about his early days as an illustrator and his work for both TV Century 21 and Look-in and shows some of his original art illustrations recalling his experiences during World War 2 – including the day he thought he might be killed by a German V1 bomb!

Mike Noble recalls how a V1 bomb attack during World War Two

Mike Noble recalls how a V1 bomb attack during World War Two

The video offers a terrific look at Mike’s work and attitude to life in retirement. He’s a guest at the first official Andercon next April, as we reported last month.

A fascinating insight into the background of one of the best adventure artists to grace British comics.

Chris Thompson, who conducted the interview, is part of SKPB,  a group of filmmakers “based on a secret island in the East Atlantic” whose other videos include a fan recreation of the missing Doctor Who episode Mission to the Unknown and this video re-imagining Gerry Anderson’s Stingray in Red October style.

• Watch the Mike Noble interview on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpY0Y5uCGi8

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