When Dan Dare went Pop: Loose Talk’s first single from 1982

Loose Talk - Dan Dare Single (Front)Back in the 1980s, pop-rock group Loose Talk produced a song based on Eagle‘s Dan Dare (in his 1982 re-launch incarnation, not the 1950s original). But there’s a tip of the hat to another SF saga too, in the promotional video…

The single was promoted in a July 1982 edition of Eagle, which had 1000 copies to give away, and the project got a full page of coverage inside.

Loose Talk’s Ray Walton uploaded the video to YouTube some years back. Formed around 1980-ish by Ray, Alfredo Michelluci, Ralph R Roman and Dean Cowell, “Dan Dare” was their first single. Amanda Michellucci was on vocals, and the track got a bit of TV and radio air time.

Loose Talk - Dan Dare Single (Back)

Loose Talk perform “Dan Dare”

Loose Talk perform “Dan Dare”

Eagle’s coverage of Loose Talk in the Issue cover dated 17th July 1982

Eagle’s coverage of Loose Talk in the Issue cover dated 17th July 1982. Via Starlogged

Among other numbers, they would go on to record “Judge Dredd” on the Jet label in 1983.

These days, the Bournemouth-based guitarist, who also played with Razorback, is perhaps better known for his appearances on TV angling programmes, as an actor, and as a photographer, largely focused on documenting environmental issues.

Oh – that other SF connection?

Ray Walton is wearing an original Space:1999 Year 2 Command Centre uniform with braces! (The others wear yellow jump suits – from the Bond movie Moonraker, apparently).

The Loose Talk track shouldn’t be confused by “Dan Dare” recorded by The Mekons (who were named after Dare’s alien arch-enemy).

With thanks to Richard Sheaf | Dan Dare/ Eagle © Dan Dare Corporation

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