Yet more Doctor Who, and the return of Nightraven…

Doctor Who - IDW - 2007

Two items from US comics site Newsarama with a UK flavour. First, news that US publisher IDW is launching a new Doctor Who title written by former Doctor Who Magazine editor and now Torchwood production team member Gary Russell, with art by Nick Roche.

IDW also publish various other licensed comics including Star Trek – an original series “Year Four” series has just launched.

While Newsarama reporter Steve Fritz’s ‘research’ into the history of Doctor Who strip is woeful — citing only US publications of Doctor Who — the interview is a good one. (The author was taken to task for his failings on the Newsarama forum).

Art for Marvel's "The Twelve" by Chris Weston

Art for Marvel’s “The Twelve” by Chris Weston

Secondly, Nightraven, who first debuted in Hulk Weekly back in the late 1970s, looks set to make a return, this time as one of the ‘Twelve’, a news series by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski.

Chris Weston is the artist on this project and will be delivering more info on his side of the project over on Newsarama next week. He’s also talked about the project over on Comic Book Resources.

Update, 9/1/08: The IDW Doctor Who comics will only be available in the US for licensing reasons.

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  1. The Comic Book Resources coverage of the IDW Doctor Who comic is much better than Newsarama’s.

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